Reggie Teasing VGX Awards 2013 Surprise From Nintendo

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has teased viewers on GameTrailers that the company may be planning a special announcement at this year’s VGX Awards. Nintendo generally shy away from the VGA’s so it will certainly be interesting if they decide to make an appearance and announce something that Nintendo fans will go bananas for. What would you like to see them do?

“We may be making an appearance. We may be doing something special. We’ll see.”

Thanks, Kev

75 thoughts on “Reggie Teasing VGX Awards 2013 Surprise From Nintendo”

    1. too soon because then people have to wait a half year if not more for it to realese. i would like more detail about X or a new never seen game – This is Gamer, Peace Out

      1. True but Nintendo’s situation appears to only be getting worse. They might need to pull out the big guns.

  1. Here’s my bold predictions: Real life Reggie Films-Aime statue and Smash Bros. date revealed or what time period it is going to come out

  2. I hope he announces his resignatiom from Nintendo. Kidding, Reggie. In all seriousness, I’d like new info on Zelda U but that’s unlikely.

    1. Still need a Metroid game for 3DS, Would like to see an updated or new Metroid Prime Hunters game,i have a hard time with the controls on the DS game.

    1. No, Aonuma said more would be revealed at E3 2014, but he never said they weren’t going to reveal anything new about the game in between then and E3. In fact, he said he was working on something to show us “soon” and if they weren’t working so hard on ALBW then he would have already shown us something when he was visiting Germany and New York. Now that ALBW is over, he is most definitely working on having at least a trailer made.

        1. That being said, Aonuma said they were going to show the game off at E3 2014, and if I’ve learned something about Nintendo over the past 2 years, it’s that if they say they’re going to do something then by God, that’s what they’re going to do.

    2. I sure as hell hope it’s Metroid. Either on the Wii U or on the 3DS, Metroid will make either one skyrocket in acclaim and in sales, but mostly in acclaim.

  3. I know for a fact that it will be our first glimpse at Zelda Wii U. Nintendo already revealed that we would see something about Zelda Wii U in the winter. Zelda is the type of title that you would show at a huge expo like VGX.

    This doesn’t mean they won’t show anything else along with Zelda, though. They are most definitely showing Zelda, but perhaps they have a Smash Bros release date or Bayonetta, X, Metroid or Star Fox related?

    Miyamotos new ip?! :O

  4. It would be nice to see the new Zelda U. Or maybe the new IP Nintendo is working on. It better be graphically challenged and no more casual shit.

      1. Some people is right that’s why it sold 4 million in 12 months. I want the Wii U to sell and reach 9 million by March unlike you. The hardcore advertising got COD Ps4 to reach over 4 million.

  5. Probably Zelda.
    They had something reason even for E3, and everyone is on a Zelda hype right now due to Link Between Worlds, so probably that.

  6. I dont think its Zelda U because Aonuma said that he was not sure of the chara design.
    I hope it’s the first glimpse at Metroid U, retro are probably done with DKC:TP..

  7. Reggie mentions the “possibility” that they’ll show something special at the VGA’s, and there’s a picture of link at the top of the article. I dunno, Sickr. What do you THINK I want them to show right now?

  8. I wouldn’t get my hopes of for Zelda U. If they’re even actually going at all, they’re probably going to show us a new Smash Bros. with a new character or two along with a release date (or projected release time period).

  9. Well if they want to impress more than just the Nintendo fans, they got to show something big. Zelda Wii U is a posibility, but so is Bayonetta 2 and X. I think I would really like to see them show something special for X. They may even do Super Smash Bros. Lets wait and find out.

    1. Vgx is not a place to show trailers of already show games. They can show gameplay never before seen of announced titles like Zelda but showing bayonneta or x would be a waste of advertising. It has to be something that people havent see already.

  10. We know Zelda Wii U is coming, I don’t need it to be that. I say think bigger. Make it something that is going to change the way that we view the Wii U. No idea what that would be, but it’s Nintendo’s job to sort that out.

  11. Fangastic scream.

    Hey, any time they’re planning an announcement at award shows, it’s worth looking into, in spite of everything.

    Of course, then again, they’ve changed up their idea of what “special announcement” means. At this point, it could be yet another underwhelming announcement. I mean, come on, anybody still remember NintendoLand?

  12. Zelda U would be a great showing and if shown before christmas would certainly help Wii U sales. Also I would like Starfox, F Zero and news that Mario kart is comming in January to tide us through the winter. It also could be a Pokemon game for the U which links to the 3DS.

  13. It would be a brilliant move to show off a new Zelda or Metroid during the holiday shopping season. Could help a lot of people decide on a WiiU instead of ps4/xbone, as those systems don’t have much of a lineup for the near future.

    1. actually i’d prefer them to announce a title we don’t already know about that it’s in development.. or even planned

      how about an f-zero title or the next metroid

      of course some info on zelda wouldn’t be bad either but we already know that it’s on its way so it’s not a surprise per se :)

  14. No Guys a 2.5D metroid 3DS game would be epic just like the classic metroids or like fusion with updated graphics Fully enhanced 3D in 2.5D amazing!!!XD

    1. Mgs 5 was incoming to wiiu because of the miiverse leak was actually the only one that got right the metal gear was coming in 2 games. But I think konami got butthurt and cancel it.

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