The Wii U “Will Not See Another Christmas”, Says Former BigBig Studios Dev

With recent sales figures released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Wii U is starting to trail behind in the console market within the UK. Sales of Super Mario 3D World – which we reviewed and gave an impressive 9/10 score –  proved to struggle against the band of software available on the newly released consoles in its debut week.

Following on from former Naughty Dog boss Jason Rubin’s comments that Nintendo is “irrelevant” as a hardware manufacturer, former developer for Sony’s now-closed BigBig Studios – most known for their work on the PlayStation Portable’s Pursuit Force – Kenny Linder has added his thoughts to Nintendo’s current predicament.

“Releasing [Super Mario 3D World] the same day as PS4 in UK/EU wasn’t wise. The frustrating thing was this game was probably ready to go in October. I think retail and the market will push Nintendo in a direction whether they like it or not. They MUST be in danger of losing shelf space at this point. Retail will have four major consoles (PS3/4, 360/One) plus 3DS/2DS to push which will all move units, and it looks like Mario can’t help even poor Wii U out. If it goes from shelves, it will be finished. I am still confident in my crazy mind that Wii U will not see another Christmas after this one. But that’s just me. The future games will just get moved/axed.

“Releasing Mario on Friday was a really stupid thing to do, it could of come out weeks before that. I wonder if the same gamers who buy Nintendo home systems (150k of them in UK) are the same gamers that buy PS4/Xbox? That might explain lack of sales this week. Otherwise, nobody gives a s***. Also, I haven’t seen a single Mario 3D World advert on UK TV, whereas the other two (PS4 more so, especially last night, holy s***) are on all the time. They have failed to see what the market wants.”

Although Linder says he has not seen an advert for Super Mario 3D World, there were a fair few televised in the UK the week before the game’s release  as well as its debut week, and was shown alongside the Indiana Jones-style advert for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Do you think Linder’s comments hold up in light of the Wii U’s current situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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            1. He’s right. If Pikmin, Zelda, and Mario all received excellent reviews and failed to sell consoles, what makes you think Smash Bros. will? The Wii U has a bunch of great games, has received a price cut, and is getting a good amount of marketing behind it and it still isn’t selling well. It is naive to think that one game is going to change the Wii U’s fortunes at this point. Its problems are bigger than that.

              1. But Smash Bros is different…its a more mature game, its a fighting game, and its highly anticipated. (i wasnt all that hyped for Mario 3D world to tell the truth)… and the instant hype in 2011 when Iwata just merely stated that Smash Bros will start development after Kid Icarus is done (the E3 crowd went wild). Then in 2012 when Nin said Smash will be developed for 3DS and Wii U!

              2. They fail to sell consoles because gamers think that NINTENDO will stick to family oriented games ONLY, about 50% of PS/Xbox followers don’t even know that they have Assassin’s Creed on the WiiU now, and still think that games are all about graphics. REAL HARDCORE GAMERS (RHG) know games are all about plot and gameplay. That’s why we RHG still play SNES games like Final Fantasy 6 or TLoZ ALttP.

                1. What this person says. The Xbox One has been one stumble after the next, while the PS4 lacks killer titles at the moment. The only current gen system with decent titles is the WiiU.

      1. They been saying that since Lego City, then Pikmin, wiiFit U. and Mario. Now its Mario Kart or Smash Bros.

        Hist shows Smash bros sales far less than mario, Mario 3D. So Smash Bros will not do anything.

        Mario Kart is the only thing left.

        But since the sales of 3d World was a flop when compared to any mario game. Its over.

        I loved how in the beginning of the year they where saying no one wants an xbox and it will not sale. In 48hours Xbox out sold the lifetime of WiiU. Just 2 days to surpass WiiU.

        Poor WiiU is dead… WiiU Will see another christmas but with no support from 3rd party. Only 3party will be the usual people that support Nintendo or the company that dumps its on every console.

        1. My manager said that if wii u doesn’t sell well this holiday, target and waltmart are considering massively discounting it and putting it on a bargain bin. the stores need shelf space for better selling hardware and software, and once wii u is thrown into the bargain bin the stores will simply get rid of stock and not accept any more shipments. i feel very sorry for nintendo, once stores kick the console out it’s game over.

          1. So does your manager realize that shelf space is sold and not earned.Sony pays for it Microsoft .pays and Nintendo. As a matter fact proof is the Vita which has been out for a whiles sales poorly and it still gets it. The Wii still gets shelf space. So tell your manager to learn economics

          1. There are less than 4 million Wii U’s in the wild, and that number isn’t really growing. With an install base that small, any Wii U game has a very low ceiling for lifetime sales. It doesn’t matter so much at this point how many copies of Super Mario 3D World is sold. What matters is how many Wii U’s get sold as a result of Super Mario 3D World’s release, and it doesn’t seem to be very much.

        2. 3d LAND didn’t seem to be doing well UNTIL christmas wheb all the little kids asked cor one and most parents haven’t done any holiday shopping and my target was sold out of WiiU’s yesterday…

        3. But Smash Bros is different…its a more mature game, its a fighting game, and its highly anticipated. (i wasnt all that hyped for Mario 3D world to tell the truth)… and the instant hype in 2011 when Iwata just merely stated that Smash Bros will start development after Kid Icarus is done (the E3 crowd went wild). Then in 2012 when Nin said Smash will be developed for 3DS and Wii U!

          1. Smash Bros is for Nintendo fans, and there isn’t a whole lot of them left. If it ever gets a release, it will by no means attract new costumers, only please the current Wii U owners. And there aren’t really a whole lot of those left either. It’s pretty much come to a no-way out situation, with Super Mario 3D World failing in terms of sales.

            1. both the targets near my house are sold out of WiiU i asked the electronic manager when their last shipment was he said ”we have two more in the back if you want one they have been selling more lately.”

            2. What you fail to realize is that there are millions of smash players who are WAITING to pick up a Wii U when smash comes out. The problem with the Wii U right now is that lots of people are waiting to get it for MK8, Zelda Wii U, Smash4, Monolithsoft’s X, Bayonetta 2, and SMTxFE. To name a few.

              Almost everywhere I go and read comments I see posts of people waiting to get it. The problem right now is news sites keep breeding stories of the Wii U not being next gen which to the average consumer makes them think that the Wii U is an add-on for the Wii. It doesn’t help that marketing has been poor for it.

              Almost everyone who I have had over to play the Wii U said it is one of the greatest and most different gaming experiences out there. Which I believe is one of the hardest things to market right now. The Wii was easy because all they had to say is “use your body to play the game” it is hard to tell someone how great a tablet controller is for gaming.

            3. Well… that doesn’t mean absolutely no one outside being a Ninfan will have 0% interest in this game, dude… you cant say that this is just for fans, cuz ive seen and played with many that were not.

      1. Yeah what’s with all these FORMER fucking developers speaking. They just want there names to be mentioned again. You lost dude your company got ran into the ground, your not allowed to speak on something you are proven to be shitty at and there comments are always nonsensical

    2. Pikmin will save the Wii U! Wonderful 101 will save the Wii U! Zelda HD will save the Wii U! Wii Fit will save the Wii U! Super Mario 3D World will save the Wii U!

      The “(insert popular Nintendo game here) will save the Wii U” argument is old and tired. At this point games cannot save the aborted fetus of console that is Wii U, that ship has already sailed.

      1. For the record, none of those games mentioned ever had a chance at “saving” the Wii U. Pikmin is really only well known by Nintendo fans from the GameCube days. Wonderful 101, while a great game, does not appeal to everyone, including me. Wind Waker HD was great, but so many people have already played the original that it’s not worth the $300 for the console for everybody. Wii Fit is a fad long gone. And while 3D World is amazing, no one knew it would be amazing until the reviews started coming in. Until then it looked like same old Mario. The reason that Mario Kart and Smash Bros could “save the Wii U” is because everybody knows those franchises and they are always good games. Smash has the potential to get hardcore gamers because who doesn’t love Smash Bros? And at that point there’ll be so many other great games on the system it’ll be worth the buy. And then Mario Kart could just as easily grab the casual AND hardcore audience. That’s why the argument is still somewhat valid.

          1. gamers don’t want the tablet controller. that’s what’s pushing potential gamers away. the tablet controller is outdated compared to modern standards, and too big. nintendo already gave up on it, since not even mario 3d world takes innovative advantage of it. nintendo regrets having made wii u, and mario not even trying to innovate with the tablet is a testament of that.

            1. While I agree that the game pad might have been a huge mistake, at least they are creating new controllers. Xbox has had the same type of controller since the premise. Sony just now decided to create a new type of controller. If Nintendo manages to get back into creating new ways to use the gamepad then awesome, but until then it will not be used…

            2. It does use the game pad features, and quite extensively at that, you can stun enemies, knock enemies off of cliff edges, tickle Plessie, move blocks, score coins all of that through touch. You can blow out torches, blow on platforms with fans to move them, or blow on the white flowers or pretty much anything else and it reacts, it is really cool and definitely something that differentiates itself from Xbox One or PS4. Maybe you need to really look into the game passed the typical button setup.

        1. I don’t know many people who would buy a $300 console for any one game. The Wii U’s problems are too big at this point to be solved by single game’s release. At any rate, Mario Kart 8 won’t be released until next Spring. It is very late in the game for the Wii U’s sales to turn around. I hope Nintendo has a better plan than counting on the next big game release to change everything because that isn’t very practical at this point.

        2. Smash Bros is a fan-pleasing game only for Nintendo-fans, and I’m guessing that at least half of those 3.8 million Wii U in the wild, are owned by Nintendo fans. You, me and a lot of other people might enjoy
          Smash Bros, but it is by no means a console mover. It’s a niche game, aimed at a niche crowd.

          With Nintendo’s increasingly focus on changing back their image from “We’re here for you hardcore gamers, come play Mass Effect and Deus Ex!” to “We love you families, let Mario raise your kids!”, games like
          Mario Kart are bound to be targeted at families and kids, and kids aren’t as product oriented as us fans. Seeing how you can get Mario Kart on every Nintendo console, and that every installment looks alike to the untrained eye (not to forgot Nintendo’s poor advertisement), their target audience won’t notice nor understand why they should buy a new Mario kart.
          Mario Kart is not big any more, with the ever changing market. With apps, indie games and a ton of 0.99£ Kart Racers, Mario kart has also lost alot of its exclusivity. To the casual gamer, it’s just another Mario game or just another kart racer.

          The Wii moved a lot of units, because the console itself was a wonderful toy, but had trouble selling most of its games, because most of the consumers played with it during the holidays, and then put it on the back shelf never to be touched again.

          The Wii U is a good idea, executed poorly with some of the worst marketing in video game history. The name it self is a bullet to the brain. It’s bound to end bad.

          1. History lesson – Smash Bros Melee was the highest selling game for the Gamecube and the main reason that console sold. Brawl sold 12 million copies – on par with the highest selling titles on the 360 and PS3.

            In what universe is 12+ million people a ‘niche’ audience? That is a very damn large audience compared to any series of games except the gimmicky stuff like Wii Sports or Wii Fit, which was only going to work once anyway. I suspect Nintendo’s stratospheric numbers will be more grounded in reality this time around, and we’ll see performance somewhere in between the Wii and Gamecube.

      2. Literally nobody said Pikmin, W101, Wii Fit or a Zelda remake would save the Wii U… For real though, we just need a library of games. ONE game isn’t going to save a console, and with DK, Mario Kart, smash AND new Zelda probably coming next year… and we didn’t even get to E3 yet… just calm the hell down…

        1. Fanboys are funny. Twist and turns. When one hole is covered up then start digging another to make their case. Its always another case. People did say that Pikmin 3 would increase the console sale and it did for 1 week and dropped and that increase was not worthy of a mention.

      3. we brought up those games proving Wii U had games not that it will save the Wii u. I was actually shocked Pikmin 3 stayed in top 10 for a month.

        1. So right. The software on the Wiiu from Nintendo is SLAP together software. It too late for 3D world to bring back life.

          There are now 5 CONSOLES to compete for the market and WiiU has no chance. It doesn’t matter what games are released.
          Of course Mario Kart will sale and Smash bros will sale but they will not break records and will not move enough consoles to make a difference.

      4. Regardless, Nintendo is not canceling the WiiU, just a friendly reminder. ;)

        It may see a shorter life, 4-5 years? And the next console needs to be 100% compatible with WiiU games and accessories. And even Wii games. They don’t even have to put much R&D into the next console. Just beef it up and re name the fucking thing.

        If they do pull the plug on WiiU, all faith in their console abilities will be lost, and no one will buy anything new console anyway. It’s not gonna happen.

    3. new super mario bros U failed to sell consoles in the long run. super mario 3d world also failed to spark the massive sales nintendo were expecting. if mario couldn’t create excitement for the wii u, nintendo doesn’t stand a chance. the market is looking for graphically intensive games, they need to show a realistic looking zelda for wii u asap. wii u needs realistic looking games, and those are going to take a long time, but nintendo cannot afford to take their time. wii u is also saturated with platformers. with a lack of third party support, and the long time it takes to develop ambitious HD games, nintendo is not going to make it, the market doesn’t have the patience.

    4. So Wii U owners just need to wait until next April for that one game will save the console, huh? Get real. It’s a sad state of affairs when Nintendo has to maintain hope that their console will survive based off of the success of one or two games – it shows just how close to the breaking point they actually are. One huge game like Smash Bros won’t be enough to save the console unless they can consistently release a huge number of games and market the system and sell the idea of the second screen experience. After an entire year, they still have not done either. Stop being so naive.

      1. I think that’s the plan for 2014. Release a huge number of titles. If THAT fails, MAYBE we’ll see a huge business model change in 2015, at the earliest.

      2. there is a difference of being naïve and knows the impossible…the 3ds made that impossible reality BY one game…Super Mario 3D Land. As a wise man once said “a single grain of rice is all it takes to make everything fall”.

      1. Jason Rubin actually increased profits and increased the amount of quality games released while he was at THQ. Unfortunately by the time he came in, the deal was pretty much sealed for the company.

            1. If they really knew there stuff why are they all from game studios that no longer exist? Just saying. If they “Knew there stuff” would they not be working for successful studios?

              1. By the time that they offered their epic advice, it was just too late. Think about it, even if Jerry Jones joined Nintendo to support the Wii U…well, bad example. Jerry Jones would definitely get it to sell a lot, but you get what I’m saying

            2. Out of the big 3 right now Nintendo is the furthest from “trouble” They pull in 7.86 or so billion a year and only have a debt of 2mill while competitor Sony as a whole pulls in 78.52 billion a year and has a whopping 14.19 billion debt. These numbers are all in USD by the way. You can look it up but as a whole Sony is in the worst position out of the big 3 because all they have been doing as of late is bleeding money. But you would never know that if you followed IGN or other gaming sites that paint a pretty picture for you.

              Feel free to look it up and for the record those guys don’t know what they are talking about because there is a BIG difference between a game studio and a Console Manufacturer Game Studio. What may work for a game studio will not work for companies like Nintendo. Not only that but The big N has been around for over 100 years. One can’t say the same for many of these smaller flashes in the pan that only lasted 10-5 years.

        1. Just like the deal for WiiU, its too late and will die no later than 2015. with less than 10mil sold.

          I doubt they will break 6 mill by the end of the year.

          People at Nintendo needs to be fired, iwata time is over and needs to be replaced.
          3DS can only carry Nintendo for so long before the investors demand someone different. If it was an american company iwata would have been replaced already but the way they view things in Japan is different and that is the only reason hes not fired.

          1. I’ve been reading your posts Kevin and you seem to have a serious disorder and obsession with Nintendo failing

            Nintendo will probably have to rethink their business model but don’t be mistaken they can salvage this thing yet the audience is there the Wii U just needs a strong library of games

  1. Moj Nintendo News, Wtf? Who do you work for Sony, your portal is more garbage from GameSpot, have more bad
    news than good, and no one else so you do not stand out as you ..
    Players should boycott this site, let’s not anything more to write and come up!

    1. Yeah idk there used to be a lot of good stuff daily but after this I’m seriously considering leaving. These guys are morons and there opinions clearly should be disregArded. Where’s my Nintendo news?
      Not my Nintendo quotes from jack offs who bankrupted companies

      1. This is Nintendo news. This Holiday is failing fast and its all over the internet. Next year WiiU will have little to no shelf space in retail stores when the PS4/xbox1 grows. There is only so much room in a store and they have to make room and that means the slow mover is pushed out. That means Wiiu

        1. We shall see how many games xbox 1 and ps4 have a year from now. Reason why Xbox1 and ps4 sold that many because it’s a hot item. Once the hype run down and no games to show for xbox 1 and ps4 will see the same fate as wii u. Cause right now there aren’t that many games for xbox1 and ps4.

  2. I own Wii U, ps4 and xbox one – since Mario came out my kid hasn’t asked to touch the PS or X1. I like them all and will always support and play Nintendo.

    1. I agree too. but I have see the light and no that we have been screwed by Nintendo by buying a WiiU. We follow Nintendo and followed them into a ditch and didn’t know it.
      Most WiiU people on this site don’t even know they in the ditch right now and retailers are filling up the ditch with dirt.

      1. Would you care to direct me to a site where I may see this steady stream of good news that mynintendonews is deliberately not posting? From what I understand, it’s not that this site’s writers hate Nintendo, but that bad news about Nintendo’s market status is really all there is to post.

        1. No it’s just the contributors give nothing it negative Nintendo news. There’s plenty to report on, I mean the Pikmin 3 dlc went live yesterday but people like iceazme and fags send in this shit

    1. Because it’s news which is Nintendo related. If the blog only want to publish good news ignoring the bad ones, that is just bias.

  3. I wish i had an account on neogaf so i can tell this guy hes a nobody and that his studio is now close so his argument is invalid lmao we need to go in on twitter

  4. Am I the only who actually see commercials from Nintendo on UK TV all the time?In the past 2 hours I saw one for Mario and 2 for Zelda!

    1. Actually, they have begun showing commercials here in Sweden too on swedish channels and not only Cartoon Network swedish version…

      So finally the true war begins!

      1. I’m sorry the war is over. Nintendo had a year to build the WiiU brand and they did nothing. Now they have to compete against 4 consoles, they already lost against Xbox360/PS3. So what make you think now that PS4/Xbox1 are out that the Xbox360/PS3 will dropp their current consoles and buy a WiiU.


          1. Why the fuck is it that fuckturds like you think there is a fucking war? It’s fucking video games. I play games to have fun, not because I feel the need to do so in order to help out “the empire” like that’s even a fucking thing. Yeah, the Wii U is doing Donkey shit right now, but who cares what the fucking world thinks about it. I like it, and hell I’m sittin pretty with 10 good games at my disposal. I also have the ps3 and Xbox 360, because I LOVE PLAYING GAMES. You fucking people on this site are so competitive for something that you can’t fucking control, and something that doesn’t give a rats ass about you in the same way. Granted there are actual human beings on this site, but it feels so overridden with trolls and douchebags.

            1. We’re just having fun man. We don’t actually think there’s a war, but it’s fun to think about. Anyway, it’s good that there isn’t a war…for Nintendo anyway!!!!!

              I have two Wii U games so far, Nintendo Land and Sonic Lost World. I aim to triple that number within the next few months by getting Mario 3D World, Avengers, W101, and Pikmin 3

        1. There is always a chance to fight back…

          However I’ll officially admit defeat for my stupid declining nazi infected country if the Wii U does not have a solid installbase by the end of summer 2014…

    2. I don’t know about the UK but here in the US if you’re watching say ESPN, you won’t see any Wii U commercials, just PS4 and Xbone. If you watch Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon or Disney channel you’ll see plenty.

      Can’t blame Nintendo for that. Most of the ESPN crowd could care less about a bright, cheery, platformer. They want yearly regurgitated sports games and drab, dreary FPS games. No touchdowns, f-bombs or piles of dead bodies? Forget it.

  5. I couln’t care what any ‘”journalist” says. the WiiU is my next gen console of choice. if the game is not on WiiU it is irrevelent to me.

  6. Valid ( ish) point about October, I’ll give him that. Even as a Brit though, I hate to admit it but the UK market is somewhat irrelevant in comparison with North America. I’ve heard a lot of “UK Market this, UK market that” talk but it’s a fairly small market by comparison to NA and Japan.

    1. Yeah the uk market is tiny and insignificant. Sorry but it is. That’s why developers know and don’t give a shot and the prices are ridiculous. 60$ game here is what 60 or 50 pounds there. Yeah it’s because Britain doesn’t matter in this war, it’s just a stronghold for ponies to masturbate about and think they’re selling soo good

      1. Tiny and Insignificant

        10 Million DS’ , 7 Million Wii’s , 7 Million PS3′s and 7.5 Million 360′s
        is far far from insignificant. Just saying.

        Those sales from last gen are pretty damn significant,

  7. If you dig deep since this blog is biased against Nintendo now, for 2014 they are focusing on hardcore games, more games to use NFC tech and better graphics. Though I think 3DS version of Smash should be a 10month delay. Seriously at least 10months. I wish they just put Brawl or Melee on 3DS instead. Lastly Nintendo 2014/15 games will come out with new IPS using a gameplay no one has ever seen before and something ps4 can’t do with remote play. I’m not sure but by Nintendo not keeping silent means a lot.

    1. Also the reason why you see so much negative on Wii U is because Nintendo is a quiet ass company that don’t say shit till the last minute. They figure you put in all this negative things and Nintendo will give their secrets away. I remember back in June Nintendo didn’t want to bring new IPS with a different way of playing so not to give rivals time to copy.

  8. Also the media isn’t saying nothing about that Wii U update. Anyone with a Wii U feel free to tell me what it does before I get home and try it myself. The media is not saying nothing about the Pikmin 3 new DLC for mission mode.

    1. *yawn*

      Just like 3D World was going to save the Wii U right? Once Smash Bros. flops what’s the next “gonna save Wii U’ game going to be?

      1. I dont believe Smash Bros would be that much of a system seller.
        Mario Kart might move some units, and will probably be bundled with Wii U maybe with a price cut somewhere next year.
        Depending what they do with Zelda, that could also sell systems.
        But I’m not waiting for any of those, and the game I’m waiting for, and bought the Wii U for, I know is not going to a system seller.

        It feels like Nintendo is sticking their head in the sand, and wishing everything to go alright on its own.
        While Pikmin 3 and SMB3DW were nice games, they were nothing that huge.
        Actually, Wind Waker feels better than either of those, and thats an HD upgrade.

        1. “It feels like Nintendo is sticking their head in the sand, and wishing everything to go alright on its own.”

          You hit the nail on the head right there. Iwata and his minions are sitting around thinking, “The Wii U will be as successful as the original Wii was eventually, it’s just a matter of time.” Instead of actually making meaningful changes, the executives at Nintendo are waiting idly for the fortunes of the Wii U to change all on their own.

  9. Sigh…. I don’t know why so many people seem to despise Nintendo so much… its not as if we are hurting anyone, all we want to do is to play great games with great stories and characters, is that so wrong that we don’t want to shoot some 30-year-old sitting in his basement somewhere in Colorado? No, it seems just because we want to enjoy a console that brings us joy and nostalgic memories, we are spurned, just because of our love of Nintendo, we are forever damned?

    1. It’s this Xbot menace that has to be eliminated at all costs!

      Ever since they entered our universe, the word fun has almost completely lost its meaning…

      Gamers these days take games more seriously than their jobs or even lives…

      It’s pathetic…

    2. You may be satisfy with a mediocre console. Many people, my self included are not. I want so much more out of Nintendo. I want to them to be as strong in the console market as they were in the NES/SNES era.

      1. Well how is blaming them and degrading them now and the Wii U going to help them? you want so much more? many people are happy with Nintendo as is, if you want them to turn back into an era that was over 20 years ago, how will they progress? you need to wake up, things change and Nintendo is no exception, so rather then complain, do something better with your time

        1. I should just sit back and let a great game company turn into shit? No thanks.

          When I say I want them to be as strong as they were during the NES/SNES era I mean I want them to be competitive, have hardware that can compete with their competitors, get third-party support, produce quality original titles.

          1. Well Its not Nintendo’s fault 3rd parties have abandoned it, how could they have prevented it, I agree that Nintendo could have done a lot more with advertising, Nintendo however have never been about competing with Sony and Microsoft, if they did Mario, Zelda, Pokémon and Kirby would be long dead by now, Nintendo need help okay, its up to us to help them instead most of us whine about them, If we continue to spur Nintendo of course they will fail, but I am doing my part to help Nintendo and even if I don’t feel they are listening, than I shout louder, so what are you going to do? shout support or scream slander?

            1. In a way it is Nintendo’s fault 3rd party left. Wii made the hardcore gamers leave. Also by acting like there was no PS4 back in 08′ people today like the idea of a powerful system. They should have thought power back in 08′.

                1. I suggest they get their heads out of their asses and quit trying to trap the players on the Nintendo console…it a double edge blade for the third parties…players don’t buy the game, they lose interest, players buy the game, get half the content of the other versions of the games from other systems. They need to stop that if they ever hope to get Nintendo players only on their side. Its bullshit that they even do that in the first place…not to mention that PS4 is really suffering right now. They just can’t leave it as is or they will lose the system they hoped to get money from, right now it critical for the Sony corporation in the gaming division on their newest console…not to mention that I hear Xbox one is starting to suffer the same fate that I hear and I don’t own one yet. They need to quit this bullshit of trapping and go full throttle with what they got from Nintendo’s offer for third party support. I suggest for real is to buy the dam games they give and shut the hell up!

  10. Summary: “Hey, look at me! I worked for a studio that is no longer in business, but I know what it takes for Nintendo to stay in business.”

  11. The GameCube made it trough, so I think the Wii U will too. Now, I don’t know how the GameCube’s sale numbers were after one year, but that console only managed to sell 20 million in it’s lifetime. And they didn’t lose money on it. So if Nintendo can pull the Wii U through the next generation with over 20 million sold, that wouldn’t be that bad.

  12. Wii u for exclusives and my gaming pc for next-gen mutiplatform.
    12-core @4.5 with nvidia GTX 760
    32GB Ram. Who needs a Ps4 or a Xbox One for 1080p. I game at 3k across 3 42 inch tv’s Wii U attached to 60 inch. Super Mario 3d World ftw. AC 4 black flag on pc still ftw

    1. How could someone with such a powerful PC still be interested in Wii U? Because of the exclusives lol? We’ll alright then.

      1. “I have a ham sandwich, why would i want this cheese cake?”.

        That’s basically the equivalent of what you said.

    1. Sickr’s Two Steps to Making a Quick Buck

      1. Post a controversial article

      2. Sit back and relax while the fanboys and trolls tear each other to shreds in the comments section

    1. We need to start exterminating them. If I ever become president I will call for an incineration of every playstation, and a mandatory 3 year probation and de fagafication. There’s waaaaaaay to many ponies nowadays

  13. Do people take into account that a no sold ps4 hurts Sony more than no sold wiius? A sold wiiu and xbone hurts Sony more than Nintendo not selling anything in fact a ps4 Aline can’t sustain a true gamer while if the wiiu had third party’s support a second console would not be needed.

  14. I’m noticing that most of these professionals have “former” in their title. I don’t think they should be saying much about relevence.

  15. I think the wii u id gonna pull a 3DS move and become awesome when there is actual games for it besides mario, pikmin and wonderful 101

  16. *shrug*

    Honestly, im bored with this armchair CEO bullshit, it’s been out a year…
    Yeah, it’s not been a good year, and it’s Nintendo’s fault, but come on, let the software come out first before instant judgement is made.
    A year into the 3DS lifetime, it was the same talk, and now people are in love with it.

    Sure, by next year, when all the stuff is out, as well as the games we don’t know about either coming late 2014 or 2015, and if things haven’t picked up, assuming said people don’t have insane expectations, then sure, then the predictions can come out, but for fucks sake, it’s not gona get a running start if people keep tripping it up.

    1. He is right, there could very well be some unannounced games that were don’t even know about right now. I say we just let the bad stuff happen now and simply ignore it and then shout “Woooo” when Nintendo fix the issues.

    2. Not true. A year in 3DS’ lifetime it was selling like hotcakes. Its first months up until November were rough… Sure but as soon as Mario 3D Land came out sales shot through the roof and haven’t stopped soaring since. With Wii U, its different. Its been out a year and going on a month, and still is selling worse than ever. Plus, its had a 3D Mario game and still isn’t selling worth a crap. I agree man that I get sick of seeing the bad news… But let’s get for real; thats all Nintendo has at the moment is bad news when concerning Wii U. Its selling horribly aweful. Also, I think Nintendo has tripped up Wii U enough without anyone else trying to do that. I seriously believe that to this very day it would be selling so much better if the name wasn’t Wii U. Think about it and downplay it however you want… But you’ll find it to be the case. You have Wii Zapper, Wii Fit Balance Board, Wii Nunchuk, Wii Motion Plus, Wii Steering Wheel, Wii Chat… People look at Wii U and think its a simple tablet accessory that works on Wii… And honestly, if I was a little kid back in the day, I’d have thought the same exact thing. Nintendo has done little of anything to show its different. The system even look like a Wii… Think if it would have been designed differently than Wii with a totally different name with the words “fully compatible with all Wii games and accessories” on the box. That alone would have solved all the confusion. Nintendo is in a Heep of trouble and Reggie trying to downplay and deny the confusion still exists doesn’t help it. The first thing they should do to get Wii U back on the road to redemption is realize people still dont get it and launch some kind of gigantic marketing campaign to fix this or relaunch if you will. If Nintendo even wants to have a smidgen of a chance, they’ll fix the confusion.

      1. Your right for most of that but one part.

        “Not true. A year in 3DS’ lifetime it was selling like hotcakes. Its first months up until November were rough… ”

        The 3ds didn’t sell as well even at launch date, the ambassador program was a “I’ll make it up to you” for the drought on the 3DS. Wish they did the same for wii u but they didn’t. People were expecting that to happen again but no.

  17. Hey ! This is just an employee from a dead developer writing a post on a neogaf thread. This is not even news. Guys, just ignore this. It´s tottally irrelevant

  18. Did someone at Sony give him money or promise him a job to say these things? I know the Wii U is selling in the US well now but these guys coming out the woodworks is ridculous.

  19. What the hell is up with all the irrelevant news exactly?

    I really am getting very tired of seeing the same sh*te about Wii U now and it’s so bleeding boring.

    Can we actually have good news over bad. Wii U will see another christmas. So let me get this straight, it’s gone from being the console to get this Christmas to irrelevant developers saying that it won’t be around for long!?! What the hell!!!!


  20. I’ve noticed something about some Brits over the years. They absolutely adore making crass blanket statements about something and then pretending it is based on something other than the contents of their ass. It’s the men 95% of the time. I wonder what it is about them that they find a nuanced response so off putting.

  21. I have to say that he is completely right about the timing. Releasing Mario 3D World on the same day may have been seen as a “Brave” move by some Nintendo fans, but they really should have released it sooner or later.

    That being said…we’ve heard that Nintendo is doomed quite a few times at this point. He has a point that the Wii U will only have a very small amount of shelf space, but that’s always been the case, at least in the Gamestops that I go too. The Wii U section is basically nonexistent compared to all of the other consoles…and I do mean All of them!

  22. Another thing as well, the 8th generation of home consoles has only just begun. Yes PS4 and X1 have only just been released and the sales aren’t exactly massively over doing Wii U. I honestly expected those console sales to go through the roof first day, but to be frank they’ve not.

    Not being a fan boy or anything, but with some stuff about Wii U we don’t know could add to everything positive. I say wait for 2014 to come and then we shall see Nintendo and what they do. Just because X1 and PS4 are currently outselling Wii U doesn’t mean a lot right now.

    What software for PS4 and X1 looks good right now (I am talking gameplay wise, not graphical).

  23. It’s a shame that the Wii U is getting so much hate poured on it from the industry. I bought my Wii U in September and since then I have loved the games i’ve played on Wii U, I find the different interface with the gamepad interesting (though the gamepad has yet to be “proven”), and overall have been really happy with my purchase and look forward to upcoming 1st party titles.

    I’d be sad to see this cycle from Nintendo cut short due to lack of support from retailers.

  24. So, a guy whose company went out of business is the one with the good advice? Well, that’s it. I found another, better (not that that’s saying much) site that doesn’t have a secret anti-Nintendo agenda. Goodbye all you trolls and idiots (that’s you, newsposters), see you when the Wii U HASN’T failed in two years time. Fucking dickweeds.

  25. I am not gonna go as far as to say that, but something is seriously, seriously wrong with Wii U. I just opened up the black Friday Walmart news paper adds and they had a whole big section devoted to PS4/3 and XB1/360 and Vita and 3DS… But they didn’t even advertise Wii U. The only mention was the small caption at the bottom of the page stating what system the games listed are for. Its absolutely horrible. Mario 3D World was supposed to sell systems and put Wii U back in it… But instead it has the worst launch of any Mario 3D title to date and barely budges Wii U. Mario Kart sure as heck won’t save it. Smash Bros. really is Nintendo’s last hope. If it doesn’t boost sales, then Wii U may see 1 more Christmas, but thats it.

  26. i do have a wiiu and in ejoying it, but guys, stop saying smash will save the wiiu… do u remember theres a 3ds version in development? that version will move a lot of 3ds and will sell better than the wiiu version. The only game that that will sell a lot is mario kart 8, i debout another wiiu game will sell like it.

  27. Okay, few things:

    1. Your company failed.
    2. You’re seeing only what you want to see, which is why you haven’t seen a single Mario ad.
    3. You have no reason to say Nintendo will fail other than because you want them to, seeing as how Nintendo has an extremely long way to go with the Wii U before it dies. Honestly, I would expect a guy whose company failed to be able to recognize when a company is GOING TO FAIL. You know what it takes, yet you still claim Nintendo is sucking with the Wii U? There’s your proof right there that you WANT them to fail even though there is no deciding evidence.

  28. Nah. Wiiu will definitely be here next christmas whether this prick likes it or not :)

    He’s entitles to his wrong opinion though.

    1. You know what’s strange? Despite PS4/bone outselling Wii u right now the Wii U is still the most talked about console. I can go to many blogs and read about 3D world. But I don’t hear how forza or Knack or Shadow fall is.

      1. Yeah that is true, I haven’t seen a single advert for PS4 games. Then again they had the Gadget Show and E3 to show it off. Knack looks pants anyways.

        And yup Wii U is talked about, so actually people know about it, but that is no excuse for not advertising. Ironic isn’t it.

  29. In my opinion, buying back old franchises will save Nintendo, not only getting back some gamers who know of the franchises. But also having more games coming to the wii u. But sadly making any of the games will take way too long…

  30. We should really listen to this man, who else knows more about flops than the man who was incharge of some of the most insignificant flops ever developed.

  31. I find it humorous that all these upper ranks of failed companies like to fat lip about Ninten and have the more assertive/abrasive opinions

  32. let’s wait until the end of 2014 before dooming the console to obscurity. when all those suppose savior titles for the wiiu come out and the thing still doesn’t sell, then and only then can we doom it once and for all.

  33. What a tool. It wont see another Christmas if YOU THE STORES TAKE IT OFF THE FUCKING SHELF. THATS YOU GIVING UP ON YOUR PRODUCTS. Why not give up on last hen already huh? PS3 and Xbox 360 are old news. Plus Stores like Gamestop like Nintendo more cause of backwards compatibility. They can still sell Wii Games to Wii U owners.

  34. Maybe Nintendo should just say FINE!!! Fuck it then you all want us gone then we will just give up and shut down Nintendo. Now the gaming industry can crash into the ground and it will all end. No more Xbox and no more PlayStation. Why cause they can’t copy off Nintendo anymore. With out Nintendo there is no gaming industry. The west just doesn’t like them.

    1. Still have faith in them. They just need to pull something out of the bag. I think I might stop coming here because I see nothing but bad stuff about Wii U, and it’s very sad that it even gets posted.

      I don’t care if it’s bad but I want to see something good about it.

  35. I’ve been playing with Nintendo consoles since the Nes untill the Wii.
    But I really hated the motion control and overkill of party games, so It me buy a PS3.
    Now that SM3DW is released I thought about buying a WiiU.
    But to be honest, buying a € 300,- console just for one game insane.
    The only other WiiU game I’m looking forward is Bayonetta 2.
    Fact is, nintendo has been doing the same thing (game wise) for far to long… Mario World/Land/Kart/Party, DK, Zelda… All great series, but just not enough to buy a console for.

  36. I like the Wii U but Nintendo has to step it up. No one or two games are gonna save the system, they need a steady flow of quality games from diffirent genres to get people interested. I mean what is gonna happen after Mario kart, Donkey Kong, Smash and Zelda U? There are usually only one of those for each console…

    At least don´t release Smash on 3DS at the same time as the Wii U version, it´s gonna outsell it 20 to 1

    Although i find TP to be the most boring Zelda game on any console (except of course for those CD-i ones) and i would take a WW style over generic soon-to-be-dated realistic style any day i think the best thing for Nintendo is to make Zelda U “dark” and “mature”. That´s what´s cool today and Nintendo needs to be cooler.

    Make another Metroid game and have it a FPS (although i find all FP-anything akward and boring to play).

    Give us Kid Icarus (it might have similar scenery as GoW, fighting and killing gods and stuff) and Star Fox.

    Nintendo also has to change their commercials, these ads with super clean happy families sitting on their sofa playing the Wii U are likely to be found in “worst ads of the 10´s” in future Youtube videos.

  37. People said similar stuff to this when the original Wii came out.

    Yes, the original Wii released in 2006.

    Now, it’s the best selling 7th gen console there is.

  38. As much as it is Nintendo’s own fault for lack of advertising, I can also blame 3rd Parties for not releasing Wii U games with all the content of PS3 and X360. Owning a PS4 or Xbox One may seem cool for now because for some reason, graphics matter more than Gameplay, atleast the Wii U is creative thanks to the gamepad. But I’m sceptical of the future both the PS4 and Xbone will plan to bring, paying for Online, Microtransactions and DRM’s, when a day comes when I have to start paying money to fully complete a game, I will quit gaming alltogether. I don’t see Nintendo planning to do this or any rumors atleast, people are blinded by a games graphics, like I said, Nintendo are doing a s*** job of advertising the Wii U, but atleast it’s the only console not wanting to do the things I mentioned. What happened to games when they were great because of gameplay? Graphics are important, I know this, but they should never be top priority. If Xbone wins this Gen, I’m going to fear what gaming will be like as a whole, COD, Fifa and Battlefield everywhere, and people that like these games want to complain about every Mario Game is the same? Mario does different genres for different audiences in a different way, like 3D Mario, M&L and Paper Mario (Apart from NSMB which could do with more tweaks with newer games, but atleast they are only released one per console gen unlike Fifa etc are every year.)

    Rant over :P

    As for Wii U sales though, they could improve with Mario Kart 8 which seems to be the console’s best bet, as for Smash Bros, 3DS version could hurt it unless the Wii U has more surperior feature than it’s handheld counter-part and is advertised more.

    But Nintendo seriously need to do more advertising! I don’t watch much TV, but there are PS4 and Xbone Posters in most places.

    1. ^ Wrote:

      ” graphics matter more than Gameplay,” which I don’t get. We play video games for game play, not graphics. Gameplay first before anything else.

      1. Thanks for pointing that out, lol

        I must have typed it in the wrong way round without noticing. :P

        But that statement does seem right at the moment which is sad and what I don’t get.

        1. It’s the X1 and PS4 fans, making their consoles seem all that.

          Funny isn’t it. One thing I do know that X1 and PS4 cannot do – provide a new experience that makes us play our video games differently

          Also all this bad news is NOT HELPING Nintendo one tiny bit. If anything it’s pressurising them, which I quite frankly think isn’t fair.

          1. I think it started when EA decided to stop supporting the console because Nintendo didn’t want their online services on the Wii U, which is a good move to save us money rather than spend more for online play, EA are still butthurt over Nintendo which is why they haven’t developed a Wii U game since launch, which is why 3rd parties (excluding Sega, Ubisoft, Activision, Warner Bros. and others) jumped off the Wii U support aswell. Atleast EA won’t be taking advantage of Wii U owners, but 3rd Parties should come in their own time.

            1. Then that’s very immature. What hardware has EA made exactly?

              Oh woops, EA cannot make hardware, they’re a terrible company anyways. It’s their fault this had happened. It’s Nintendo’s hardware, therefore it’s their choice what they do with it, why should they be told what some stupid software giant has to say?

              EA you fools, look what you’ve done! I

  39. I honestly think these companies are ranting so much about nintendo’s moves (especially in hardware) because they want Nintendo to embrace other devices other than their own hardware. Anyway, people were saying the same shit about the 3DS then and look at it now. The wii u won’t be any different once it has the software to be successful.

  40. is it some kind of unspoken agreement we don’t know about causing all the would-be’s and have-been’s of the gaming industry to have an urge to release their unwanted and entirely insignificant opinions on the matter?

  41. Bottom line is this. Nintendo is in big trouble. The snowball rolling down the hill to their demise is getting larger and larger and nothing tangible is being done to stop it.

    The Goof Troop (Iwata, Fils-Aime, and Miyamoto) can have all the delusions of grandeur they wish, it will change nothing. Nintendo fanatics can ignore the facts of failure and tout games like Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, etc as the “knights in shining armor” to come and save the day as much as they please. It won’t change a thing.

    As Anonymous YELLED at the beginning of this thread, all the heavyweight titles that Nintendo announced for the holiday season for the Wii U back at E3 have all failed miserably to turn things around. The Wii U is being crushed by the PS4 and XBOX One in sales and it is still lagging behind the PS3 and 360. It’s being beat by 7th and 8th gen consoles.

    Either Nintendo is trying to tank their home console division purposefully so that they can downsize and focus on handhelds, or Iwata is 100% incompetent as the CEO of Nintendo and needs to be fired YESTERDAY along with everyone in his down line.

    The reason why Iwata needs to be fired is not so much because of his mistakes because everyone makes mistakes. The problem is that he doesn’t learn from his mistakes and compounds them by making more mistakes. Also, the way to fix Nintendo is so simple and yet he refuses to do it.

    This is how you fix Nintendo. Everyone ready? Okay, here we go.

    Do what we ask you to do…………..

    That’s it. It really is that simple. Nintendo’s problems started when they adopted the philosophy of doing what they want to do instead of what the consumer wants them to do and taking an arrogant stance that somehow they understand what we want better than we do.

    I’m not sure if tossing out Iwata and friends would help the Wii U or not because I think irreparable damage has been done to the system. You cannot change the fact that the complex architecture makes it financially disadvantageous to develop for because they cannot port PS4 and or XBOX One games to it. All games either have to be last-gen ports (because the 360 has similar architecture to the Wii U) or built from scratch. So 3rd-party multiplats on the Wii U are almost always going to be crap, or non-existent. However, long-term Iwata needs to go. Nintendo has enough money in the bank that if the Wii U fails completely in total disgrace, they still could start again. That is one feather in their cap.

    First things first. We gotta get the Goof Troop outta there. Things are looking good for that to happen. None of their plans are working at all and we are getting closer to the end of the fiscal year in which Iwata will have to stand before investors and explain why the Wii U is lagging behind the PS4 and XBOX One in lifetime sales after those console were just released a few months prior to the end of the fiscal year in March. He will have to explain why the PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One all outsold the Wii U.

    If we really want change and we really want to see Iwata gone we need to start appealing to the investors. They are the only ones whom can get the ball rolling for him to be forcibly removed. His pride will not allow him to step down because his pride is what got Nintendo into this mess to start with. If investors on a united front say that either Iwata and all his staff are future-endeavored, or we invest our money elsewhere.

    1. ^ Now how is this helping Nintendo to improve their console sales?

      Nintendo is in a bad enough situation for you to continue trashing them. How is this helping, giving them hope and faith? It isn’t is it?

      If you’ve got nothing better in your time than to trash a company that revived the games industry, then that’s pretty sad.

    2. Iwata is not the problem…that’s one mistake many people think. Second, the xbox 360, ps3, xbox one and ps4 is not outselling the wiiu at all. reason I say that is because both the newer systems are all in the blue light of death and the PLAYSTATION 4

    3. PS4/3 and xbox one/360 out selling the wii u? I don’t think so…not when I hear those two newer systems having the same hardware and physics and having troubles already like the blue light of death…I hear xbone is starting to have the same issues. as for the ps3 and 360, its already been said that wii u out sold them by almost a full year by now.

      As for iwata, I’m not too sure yet, I think Iwata is doing fine…its the younger generation that is fucking up. I see so many, trolls who are young and believe that graphics and specs is the reason for a “powerful” console. They don’t think that specs are for the creators of the games, not for the players. They think graphics is the most important feature of the consoles….NO! NOT AT ALL!! The younger generation is to blame, not Iwata. Graphics just make the game look good…nothing else, GAMEPLAY is where its all at. Remember that you young punks and respect.

  42. Our empire always bounces back…

    And if by some impossible way it all falls in the future, we will recreate ourselves again and avenge ourselves!

  43. “former developer for Sony’s now-closed BigBig Studios”

    Guys, guys, come one, he’s just bitter, BITTER! I guess he’s mad the 3DS kicked Vita’s ass and still is…

    Oh, and someone who says “shit” against the rival company of the one he works for is not someone that can be taken seriously…


  44. I think the problem with NIntendo is that they released the console too soon, am I the only one who thinks that? I think people were not ready to leave their Wii yet, and maybe the had to make the console less Wii looking and give it a completely NEW look, I don’t care the name is Wii U, maybe they had to call it Wii 2, but give the console a new look so people new it was something new with a NEW controller, not just the fucking controller.

    Anyway, the only games that can help this console are Mario Kart and the new Zelda HD for Wii U, I’m talking about the brand new Zelda, Nintendo has the 3DS, that’ll save them, but for Wii U to have better sales they need bigger games like Mario 3D World but without the Mario game, ’cause only having Mario gets tired.

    I bet if they release a Zelda 10/10 and Metroid too, many fans will see it as a must have console, the thing is, right now everyone is too excited for the PS4 and Xbox One to care about the Wii U. Just give Wii U a few surprise games you never thought would arrive, and start making people talk about it. But yeah, people will buy Nintendo’s new console after the PS4/Xbox One excitement wears off after this holiday season.

  45. The only reason people still spew bullshit like this is because they wanna fit in with the “cool” kids. Nintendo’s fine.

  46. If Nintendo made low-quality PCs full of generic games and giant dildos, they would have more success with british people. Too bad…

  47. and was shown alongside the Indiana Jones-style advert for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. “Indiana Jones-style” LOLWUT!?

  48. Could’ve is “Could have” not “Could of” I dunno if it’s a typo from this site or from the source, but I just wanted to point that out.

    1. Go buy them then no one is forcing you not to but ill give you an advice be prepare to be very disappointed on the games even in the already proved good ones like halo.

  49. Anyone else unbelievably sick of flame bait articles and checking on a Nintendo website just to see people shitting all over Nintendo? Everyone is aware of the state of the Wii U. I want some good news and some games to look forward to. I’d like details on upcoming games, not billions of articles about XBOX ONE. Pathetic. Pathetic bait for flame wars and none of it is news to anyone.

  50. It scares me, if the Wii U doesn’t sell then it will be relegated little to no shelf space in the back of stores. I see it happening already. It is a vicious circle because the games can’t attract people if retailers don’t give Nintendo Wii U games shelf space.

  51. GAME and Best Buy are stating that the Wii U is sold out. Other retailers are mentioning sales increases. However, whoever counts lifetime sales refuses to update the sales figures from SEPTEMBER and this flop of a site refuses to put up articles of those sale increases. Keep lapping this fixed news up, haters. Only those who truly do their research know what is going on.

  52. Jason Ruben: Nintendo “WILL NOT SEE ANOTHER CHRISTMAS”

    Me: Yeah. You’re a washed-up has-been with nowhere to go but to chirp like an idiot thinking they know-it-all. Do you remember what games Nintendo announced are in development? Mario Kart 8 will sell consoles. Smash Bros U will sell consoles. X will sell consoles, oh and if Aonuma pulls out the finished Zelda title we all want, Nintendo will indeed not see another Christmas (of the same gravity when the Wii U prints money like no tomorrow).

    tl;dr? It’s coming from a guy who has no place in the industry any more. Move along.

  53. Smash Bros aside, there is also X from Monolith Soft. Based on the preview, Nintendo has not had a game like that on a console in a long time.

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