Pokemon And Zelda Monopoly Coming To US This September, Mario Connect 4 Scheduled For Spring

USAopoly announced a high-calibre line-up at the 2014 American International Toy Fair last month following its 20th Anniversary in production business. Amongst the many Doctor Who-themed board games, USAopoly also revealed that two new Nintendo Monopoly products would be gracing high-store shelves this September. Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda and Monopoly: Pokemon will be priced at $45, with the latter franchise featuring the original Kanto area.

During the investors meeting in January, Iwata claimed that Nintendo would begin to expand the character licensing agreements into new fields. Nintendo has branched into board game territory before, with a Pokemon-themed Monopoly game released in the late ’90s and a general Nintendo Monopoly board game, which saw the light of day in 2006, but the company is now assuming a wider position.

In accordance with Nintendo’s new plans, USAopoly has also unveiled Super Mario Connect 4: Mario and Luigi, which will be priced at $24.95, to be released this Spring. As of yet, there’s no word on whether the themed board games will be released in Europe .

37 thoughts on “Pokemon And Zelda Monopoly Coming To US This September, Mario Connect 4 Scheduled For Spring”

  1. nintendo scamed me into buying shitty barebone wii u. i thought alot of from next gen game would come to wii u. i was soo that almost 50 games are skipping wii u. wtf nintendo

      1. Actually more kids buy XBox than they do Nintendo. It’s considered the cool guy system that everyone has to have, so when you’re playing games like GTA and Call of Duty, you’ll hear a lot of brats playing.

        1. This is why I’ll never get an Xbox, especially with bratty kids swearing when they lose on COD Online, don’t know what it is like with Sony equivalents, but it’s likely not as bad, I mainly play 1st party Nintendo games and a few 3rd parties here and there. What you state is that Xbox is the kiddies console. I see what you did there ;) . What differenciates a Kids console and a normal console is retarded, just because a game looks cartoony, doesn’t mean it’s a kids game. Even people not understanding the concept of Casual/Hardcore is dumb.

          1. I love the cartoony world of the Mushroom World, it’s so fun, colorful, lively, filled with life and characteristics. That’s called somone having a fun and creative soul to create such a magnificence place to explore and become a part of.

    1. I’m sorry, could you repeat that, only this time, use google translate?

      Choose the option, “bullshit to English,” and things should be fine and dandy.

  2. I wanted that Nintendo one a few years back. But now… I might have to get both Zelda and Pokemon.

  3. I have a Mario Chess set already. I don’t think I’d be interested in any other Nintendo themed board games. Not monopoly anyway.

    What I’d really love is for Nintendo to “expand the character licensing agreements” to Lego. Everybody wants Mario and Zelda Lego sets. It’d be a goldmine.

    1. They already have Lego like Mario characters, from the playable six from the first Mario Party to Sunshine characters.

  4. I’ve already got the Pokemon monopoly, but I don’t have the Zelda one. It was with me fore more than a decade.

    I really want to buy the Zelda one so I could grow my board games collection.

  5. Nintendo should release a Pokemon or an animated Mario movie in the US, since animated movies do really well nowadays.

    1. The Pokemon movies became shit just like the Anime after a short time of them being released. The Mario movie sucked, and the cartoon had lazy effort and cheesy references.

    2. Pokemon movies are still released, they just tend to premiere on Cartoon Network and then go to DVD in the US (and other territories only they might skip the TV premiere if there’s no CN equivalent) instead of starting in movie theatres like in Japan. They’re going on number… 15 I think now? 14 or 15, something like that. There are a lot and they’re still going, even if it’s not as big anymore.

  6. Funny how you point out how Nintendo wanted to expand the character licensing agreements and yet Nintendo still sticks to it’s main three IP’s and that Nintendo still thinks we want more Mario and Luigi bullshit. When I hear Mario, I expect characters like Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser. Not Japan’s focus on an ideal clear cut hero decked out in red like they do with every episode of Super Sentai and Anime.

  7. That’s an insane price, holy crap! I don’t remember the original set being so expensive. It better come with more than 6 pieces then.

  8. I have the original Nintendo and Pokemon Monopoly games (Sonic Monopoly as well). I don’t care if I’m already in my late 30’s, these are COOL. Only thing I thought was a little stupid with the Nintendo Monopoly was the properties being different Nintendo characters instead of games. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN GAMES. Park Place and Boardwalk should have been Super Mario Bros. and The Legend Of Zelda.

    The bad thing about ALL Monopoly games is the price. Why do they charge 40 freakin’ dollars for a board game? There’s SEVERAL that I’ve wanted to buy for years, but just can’t.

    1. Actually if you go with your idea of the spaces being Nintendo games, then I would support it only if the character tokens were actual Nintendo characters and not iconic symbols like DK barrels and mushrooms. Go with a Smash themed Monopoly and use all the characters who have been playable in all of them and those who have been dropped maybe too?

  9. I always want to stop playing whenever someone else buys Boardwalk and/or Park Place. Because, let’s face it, the game is OVER if you land on them when someone owns them. Especially if they have houses and hotels. These really are the GAME OVER properties.

    I always wondered why there wasn’t special edition Monopoly VIDEO GAMES? Like, Pokemon Monopoly etc. on Wii U? Sure would be more appealing than the original Monopoly. I just wish they weren’t forced to have to use the original Monopoly police man and prisoner on every special edition. Stupid copyrights. Otherwise, the police man would be offficer Jenny on the Pokemon edition.

    1. I don’t think they have rights to change the police man. I could be wrong but I always see the police man and caged man remain the same on most Nintendo Monopoly boards, don’t know if that’s the case with all kinds of custom Monopoly boards. I always expected Bowser on the go to jail space since he does do a lot of kidnapping. Your idea of Officer Jenny is hilarious but I would hope for the original appearance Jenny.

    2. It’s not always over when you have those spaces. I’ve lost multiple times even when I buy one or both of them

  10. haha! that sounds awesome, i have the pokemon collectors edition (got it at a thrift store ’bout a decade ago) and as the forever reigning board game champion of my home (monopoly, risk, even mario party) I’m quite looking forward to these

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