Trine 3 Announced But It’s PC Only At The Moment (Trailer)

Trine 3 has just been announced and judging from the accompanying trailer it certainly looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s a PC only release at present, but I suspect it will be coming to a variety of consoles at a later date. The Trine series has already appeared on the Wii U so let’s hope the latest instalment makes its way to Nintendo’s latest home console.

Want To See What It’s Like Being Ganon In Hyrule Warriors? Here’s A Video

I think the majority of people were excited to learn that they could play as Ganon in the forthcoming Hyrule Warriors DLC. So YouTuber NintenDaan has captured some footage of the beastly Ganon in action and it’s all out decimation as he destroys anything and everything in his path. Be sure to watch the video to get a glimpse of him in action.

Take A Look At Some Mario Party 10 Videos

Mario Party 10 for the Wii U will soon be upon us and YouTuber NintenDaan has captured plenty of footage from the English build of the game. In the videos you can check out the Amiibo Party gameplay, the Bowser Party gameplay, and finally an overview of Mario Party 10. These videos should help you make up your mind as to whether you are going to purchase the game next month.

Here’s The Hyrule Warriors Ganon & Boss Rush DLC Trailer

The final downloadable content pack for the action packed Hyrule Warriors is soon to be upon us so it makes sense for Nintendo to showcase what to expect in a fast and furious trailer. The Hyrule Warriors Ganon & Boss Rush downloadable content is due to be released on March 12th and should certainly be a lot of fun.

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Here’s A Look At The Kirby And Pikachu Cover Plates For The New Nintendo 3DS

One of the great things about the standard New Nintendo 3DS is the ability to change the cover plates to whatever you want. Nintendo Europe has recently released some adorable Kirby and Pikachu themed cover plates and YouTuber NintenDaan has managed to get his lucky hands on both. Be sure to watch the video to see an unboxing of both cover plates which are available to purchase now.

Here’s A Look At The Project CARS Career Mode Intro Video

We heard yesterday that the long-awaited Project CARS has been delayed until sometime in early April, but that hasn’t stopped Slightly Mad Studios from creating a new video which takes a look at the in-depth career mode featured within the game. We’ve still yet to hear when the Wii U version of the game is coming as it wasn’t really mentioned yesterday. Hopefully it will arrive at the same time as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

Here’s The First 90 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Never played a Monster Hunter game before and want to see exactly what to expect before you buy? Well, you could try the free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo. If you haven’t already done that then you can check out the first 90 minutes of the game in the video embedded above, thanks to Tilmen from Nintendomination. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launches on the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow in the west.