Video: Chibi Robo! Zip Lash First 2 Hours

Those of you in the United States will be able to get your hands on Chibi Robo! Zip Lash starting today. If you are on the fence about the game, or you are just interested to see how it plays, Tilmen has uploaded a video of the first two hours of the charming 2D platformer. Chibi Robo! Zip Lash reviews have already started to roll out and the delightful title has an average Metascore of 66.

Video: Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Opening & Prologue

Popular YouTube GameXplain have gotten their hands on the long-awaited western version of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. If you’re a fan of horror titles then it looks set to be a title you won’t want to miss, plus it features deep GamePad integration. The video takes a look at the dark opening and prologue sequence which you’ll be able to play through yourself on October 22nd.

Thanks, Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

Video: A Rare Look at Twelve Tales: Conker 64

Rare has recently been releasing batches of unseen footage from a variety of projects that they have had in development to celebrate Rare Replay on Xbox One. The latest one is Twelve Tales: Conker 64 which was a less controversial game than Conker’s Bad fur Day. You can view some unreleased footage of charming 3D platformer below along with details of its interesting history.

Video: Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 ‘The Order Of The Stone’

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1: ‘The Order of the Stone, the first of five episodes in the season, will premiere digitally worldwide on Tuesday, October 13th this year. The episode will be available at launch on PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and other digital distribution services, on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The season premiere will be available for compatible iOS devices via the App Store and for compatible Android-based devices via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore starting Thursday, October 15th. The series will also be coming to Wii U and PlayStation Vita.

Europe: Final Trailer For Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker

NIS America is super excited to share one final trailer before Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker arrives to Europe on 30 October 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS as both a physical and digital release! Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is the publisher of the game in North America.

About the game: The world of Record Breaker is on the brink of non-existence. Just before the heralding of the apocalypse, when life was normal, some thrill-seekers were registering on a website that promised to deliver fake videos of their friends being killed. As people wondered what these videos could mean, an invasion began and humanity was forced to face a struggle to survive in an unprecedented catastrophe. For the main character and his friends, they stand up for humanity when the very same website uploads an application on their cell phones, summoning demons. From there, newly minted demon tamers begin the fight to survive and save the future of mankind, but the protagonist’s decisions aren’t without consequences. What he chooses may save the lives of his friends, or seal their fate.

Key Features:

Tactical Combat with a Side of Demon Fusion — The elements that make the Devil Survivor series great are back and better than ever with robust, turn-based strategic combat. Since the game is part of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, fusing demons together to form a stronger army is back as a core mechanic!

Choose Your Own Fate — The line between life and death is razor-thin in Record Breaker. Actions have their consequences, and in the wake of the apocalypse, a wrong choice can result in the permanent death of a character. Multiple endings present the challenge of making all the right choices at the right time.

Tons of Extra Content —  Record Breaker expands on the original Devil Survivor 2 by nearly doubling the amount of storyline for a total of more than 100 hours of strategic game play and consuming plot, with the additional mystery of Miyako Hotsuin to unravel.

New Personalities to Discover — For the first time, Devil Survivor 2 is getting fully voiced English story dialogue. The voiced dialogue in both the new content and the original story gives added depth in bringing the game’s characters to life from ominous beginning to dramatic end.

Here’s Plenty Of Footage From Zelda Tri Force Heroes

Reviewers now have The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes in their hands which means previews for the game have already started to trickle out. NintenDaan has produced a number of videos for the game including the opening cinematic for the story mode as well as a look at the Forest Temple and Hinox Mine. There’s too many videos to view here so be sure to check them out on NintenDaan’s channel.


Video: Here’s How High You Can Fly In Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been out for a while now in Japan and gamers who are fortunate enough to read the language and have imported it have had plenty of unadulterated fun playing around in the vast open world environment. Tilmen from Nintendomination is one of those people and he has produced a classy video showing just how high you can fly in Xenoblade Chronicles X once you’re strapped into your Mech suit. The draw distance is pretty incredible too, be sure to watch the video below.