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Here’s The Introduction Video For Dragon Quest X On Nintendo 3DS

Square Enix has given us a glimpse of the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest X. The popular MMORPG originally launched on the Wii U, Wii, and PC. However, Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest X will be heading to the Nintendo 3DS using state of the art online streaming via the cloud. The recently uploaded video gives us a mix of in-game footage splattered with CGI. Let’s just hope it makes it way over to the west.


Here’s How Kids React To The Game Boy

In the latest episode of Kids React To, the children are confronted by the original Game Boy which made its debut way back in 1989. A few of the children who were quizzed immediately knew what the device was, while some others weren’t so sure. So if you want to see some adorable children react to Nintendo’s influential handheld, check out the amusing video above.

Thanks, Flavor Flav