Nintendo Wii: No Colour Variations


In a recent interview with respected Japanese gaming publication Nintendo Dream, Nintendo’s Planning General Manager Mitsuaki Hagishima stated that there are no plans to release the Wii in other colours than the default white model.

This of course will prove to be disheartening to those who hoped that there would be a wide variation of coloured units to choose from, which is sadly not the case. The decisive reason being that Nintendo wish their product to be instantaneously recognizable, much like Apple’s Mac.

Though all is not lost for those gamers who wish to differentiate themselves from the masses, as Nintendo is set to release its Wii’mote’ controller in a variation of colours. The reason for this is that after a chaotic multiplayer session, players will easily be able to locate and retrieve their own personal Wii controller, which should put a stop to any petty arguments that could occur.



  1. Yup, I’d imagine there are a fair few people out there who are disappointed that we won’t be seeing any coloured variation’s of the Wii.

  2. o man! i really wanted a black wii to go with with mi black themed bed room! (ppl call me a goth but i have an afro lol). bt at least i can get a black wiimote!!!

  3. I’d imagine there are also a fair few people who were awaiting the emergence of the black Wii to match their shiny black Ds Lites. But hey your black themed bedroom sounds kinda spooky, but cool at the same time. If anything the Wii is going to illuminate your room and the make the Wii a prominent addition to your eerie bedroom :)

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