Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii Outsells The Sony PlayStation 3


It’s all heating up rather indigenously in the inevitable console war, with reports filtering through that suggest that the Nintendo Wii is currently outselling the Sony PlayStation 3 by more than double in the United States.

Nintendo have been earmarked as selling an illustrious 476,140 Wii consoles last month, whilst its main adversary Sony managed to sell a rather pitiful 196,580 units of its next generation console; the PlayStation 3.

During the same month the other contender in the console war; Microsoft outsold both new hardware launches with its formidable Xbox 360. Whether or not it can contain the lead against the ever-popular Nintendo Wii certainly remains to be seen.



  1. Most stores that I’ve been speaking to have yet to fulfill their second batch of pre-orders, therefore it’s unlikely that the machine will be prominent on shop shelves until sometime after Christmas.

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