Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Fixes The Wiimote Strap


After numerous complaints and broken television screens, it appears as though Nintendo have seen fit to replace its original Wiimote strapping.

The newly supplied strap appears thicker and more durable than the previous strapping that’s become renowned as a source of unbridled destruction once it snaps after excessive and vigorous usage.

Since purchasing my delightful Wii unit yesterday I’ve noticed that the strapping supplied with my model isn’t of the new kind, therefore I’m just praying that the current strap can deal with my baleful batting in Wii Baseball.



  1. Wii baseballs hard! I keep getting foul balls!
    However i have never let go of my wii-mote, so maybe the strap wont be tested at all!
    But i still get a wee bit scared when my brother aged 8 is swinging the wiimote like CRAZY in tennis, i fear for my life :P

  2. My suggestion, pick up a wiimote glove/sleeve. It gives tons better grip and increases the heft by a little bit which makes it really comfortable. The wiimote has never slipped out of my hand yet with the glove. I love the darn thing and I don’t ever see me playing the wii without it. Granted the glove is a third party product but it has Nintendo’s seal of approval so I’m cool with it. Enjoy the Wii! :)

  3. A group of friends were over last night to see what the fuss was all about with regards to the Wii. One of them proceeded to get a tiny bit carried away during baseball and nearly, just nearly dived straight into my LCD TV whilst holding the Wiimote. Could have been extremely unpleasant, thankfully nothing was damaged :)

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