Nintendo Wii: Sonic’s Apperance In Smash Bros. Brawl?


The ever growing rumour that’s been plaguing the Internet for what seems like an eternity has raised its ostentatious head yet again.

This conspicuous rumour has been ignited by Swedish gaming publication +N, who in a recent article listed the influential Sega mascot Sonic as a playable character in the forthcoming iteration of the Smash Brothers extravaganza.

Although by no means a confirmation that Sonic is to appear in the melee based free-for-all, it does go some way in confirming just how undeniably certain some gaming publications are that the spiky blue hedgehog is to appear in the franchise.



  1. It’s actually quite likely, considering the inclusion of Solid Snake and Nintendo’s good relations with Sega. Personally I’d rather see SSB remain Nintendo-character exclusive.

  2. The first video game I ever got into was a Sonic game. I think that it would be cool to have Sonic as a playable character, and if it didn’t work out right, then people just wouldn’t play as him.

    I see no downside to having an additional playable character.

  3. Since day one its been a rumour sonic would be a character in a future Smash Bros game. Lets hope its come true now :)
    (i’ll kick his ass with mr. game and watch!)

  4. i think that if nintendo is actually making a new SSB game (i heard they’re not) then sonic could very well be a playable character as well as knuckles and tails. if there is a new SSB game coming, i’d like to know how they’re going to incorporate that into the wii.

  5. While it would be cool, I agree that staying Nintendo-exclusive would have been nice. But since that’s already out the window, might as well bring in the blue hedgehog.

  6. The inclusion of Sonic within the franchise would reap many rewards for both Sega, Nintendo and consumers alike. I’m adamant Nintendo are doing all they can to secure Sonic a hot spot within this long awaited future instalment of the series.

  7. Sonic in a Smash bros. game would be the best 3d treatment he’s gotten since Sonic Adventure 1. Lord knows the 3rd dimension hates his blue ass.

  8. They should secure all major 3rd party characters. It’s good public relations in that it – along with the VC – makes Nintendo seem like the “godfathers of gaming” (thought they’re not) or whatever you wanna brand them. They’d sell a whole lot more of “Know Your Roots” shirts, i know that. By “they” i of course mean Hot Topic.

    Bomberman and Megaman should be next on the hit list.

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