Nintendo Wii: Elebits = Eledees?!


In a move that’s baffled many a gamer, gaming firm Konami has revealed that its wacky hide and seek’ title Elebits is set to be titled Eledees when it makes its long awaited European début this spring.

What’s prompted this fairly unusual name change has yet to be revealed, though thankfully the games wonderful and unique premise should help eradicate any self doubt gamers have over its unfortunately named moniker.



  1. Hey thanks, I noticed via CVG yesterday that we’re getting a range of Sega based games as well during the first part of the year. 2007 is looking almost spectacular :)

  2. no probs and apparently u guys will get some of those games soon… i saw that Article in 3 different news articles of different websites!!! only one word to this: B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

  3. Quote: “In total there will be 20 titles for Nintendo systems, 7 TurboGrafx-16 games and 9 Mega Drive titles, apparently, and we can expect some of them very soon.”

  4. hey guys, just got some news on 10 more sega games coming up on VC… Gunstar Heroes…. ahhhhh… this is torturing…. i don’t have a wireless router gotta wait til they make the lan adapter…
    u guys must be with a smile from one ear to another…

  5. oh here’s the news with the 10 more games: //

  6. I’ve yet to download the critically acclaimed Gun Star Heroes, though it’s almost certainly on the cards. I’d advise any one who hasn’t already sampled the delights of this frantic shooter to do so immediately.

    With regards to Wii Guitar Hero no news has surfaced that I’m aware of, though information and artwork for the Xbox 360 version can be found here

  7. Gather around ladies and Gentlemen, a HELL of a news is right here for all!! Apparently, Sony was going to win a Award for their PS3 controller, they saud that at a press release, BUT, the fact is, that its a LIE! a FRAUD!! they won a award for their dual shock analog. this is certainly BIG news and it can be found here: does sony actualy think they can run away with a award that belongs toour beloved Wii?? hahaha

  8. Yeah Gunstar Heroes rocks.

    As for “Eledees”, I really don’t mind, it’s just a name. Copyright stuff could’ve caused the name change.

  9. They gotta change a buncha text, the voice acting, and that CG movie in it. Anyhow, best Wii game for you money right now. Real choice stuff.

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