Nintendo: Mario And Sonic Co-Star In Olympic 2008 Game!


I’ll have to admit that my initial reaction to this news story was extremely sceptical (early Aprils fools?) but as it turns out numerous sources are suggesting that this unlikely pairing is infact legitimate.

The bitter entrenched rivals of the timeless 16bit era are set to co-star for the first time ever in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, which as expected is being developed solely for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Ds.

Joining the spiky blue hedgehog and the fat Italian plumber in time for Christmas 2007 will be an all-star cast including Tails, Luigi, Knuckles, Yoshi and a whole host of cute Sega and Nintendo mascots.




  1. feels like we’re back at the 90’s… they should have teamed up earlier when Sonic was still really cool and people love it.


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