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Nintendo: Microsoft Slams Nintendo Wii


“We think that as soon as the Wii customer turns 14 they want something else.”

– John Rodman, group product manager for Xbox and Xbox Live


17 thoughts on “Nintendo: Microsoft Slams Nintendo Wii”

  1. this question is stupid nintendo is much better i mean its still very hard to get the wii at the moment meaning that everyone is buying one as soon as thay can get one.

  2. That is completely ignorant for Microsoft to say such a thing. They know very well that people of all ages are purchasing and loving the Wii.

    Microsoft is just getting nervous that the Wii is catching up in such a short time. ;)


  3. oh well, who cares whoever buys it. they’re buying at a bigger rate than any of the next gen consoles… let him think whatever, he might get disappointed or he’s just panicking

  4. following scenario: a friend bought the 360 at the same day, when i bought my wii (we are both 22 years old)
    we met at home for playing with our new toys.
    final playing times that evening:
    2h xbox360
    6h wii (and that evening i got only the wii sports)

    … any questions microsoft?

  5. well think about it, he wasn’t anywhere near as rude as Sony was when talking about the Wii…they’ll see when the big guns come out.. Paper Mario in 2 weeks!!! :D:D:D:D:D

  6. Sorry for confusion, I merely meant that when kids get to the age of 14 they don’t want to be playing on games such as Balamory and Teletubbies.

  7. Microsoft can kiss my WHOLE ass and suck my Wii remote down to the wrist strap talking that rubbish. Everybody I know who owns a Wii is over 20.

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