Nintendo Wii: Three New Titles Available On Wii Virtual Console


Three new retro titles have graced the Virtual Console in Europe today with the inclusion of one rather unique and enthralling game.

    • Punch Out!! (Nes)
      • The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Snes)
        • Dragon’s Curse/Wonder Boy III (Turbografix)

          If you haven’t spotted it the ‘unique game’ mentioned above is none other than The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, which features the charming spiky blue haired renegade, Goeman.



          1. Unfortunately I never actually got the chance to play Mystical Ninja on the N64, though it was one of the games that I wish I’d played. The whole series is meant to be pretty eccentric, so if that’s your thing you should definitely check it out :)

          2. oh, the N64 version was awesome!! u don’t know what u’re missing out on! i think there’s 2 versions both very very cool! chucking coins at people is fun it must hurt i suppose. :)

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