Nintendo Wii: Wii Outsells PS3 Five-To-One!


Whilst sales of the Nintendo Wii continue to flourish at an unprecedented rate, sales for the PlayStation 3 on the other hand just seem to keep dropping.

Outselling its once formidable rival 5-to-one in its homeland of Japan, the Wii continues to prove without doubt that consumers don’t necessarily want to stick with the norm…



  1. that was predictable, i mean the difference between the 2 grew each week. oh well lets see how it goes next month. it’ll get stronger if nintendo releases their rumoured HDD for the Wii :D more VC plus myabe some Downloaded Content??

  2. i am hoping so… and plus where can we store all the new VC stuff we’re gonna get? like Neo Geo and N64… the space is getting smaller. they’ve announced that they will release new hardware. so fingers crossed!

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