Nintendo: Nintendo E3 Press Conference Round-up


If you’ve been glued to your computer for the past hour you’ll have noticed a plethora of exciting Nintendo news direct from E3, if you haven’t, well you’re now in the right place…

Release dates were dished out for two integral first party titles; Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Coincidently both titles will be released this side of Christmas for those fortuitous enough to live in the United States, whilst Europe sadly remains TBA.

Excitingly two new titles were unveiled, the first of which was the latest addition to the Mario Kart franchise. The franticly paced game which is due for release early next year surprisingly comes equipt with a rather neat steering wheel attachment for the Wii-remote.

The second of the newly announced titles looks set to appeal to a mass audience if executed correctly. Going by the name of Wii-fit the game comes accompanied with a balance board which you can stand on and rigorously follow the simple on-screen instructions, super fun.

Last but not least the ‘Wii Zapper‘ (light-gun) was unveiled for the second time, this time looking more illustrious than ever, and finally the unveiling of a new Mii Popularity Channel wraps up what appeared from the outset to be a fairly subdued E3 press conference.


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