Nintendo Wii: Mario Party 8 Recall Due To Offensive Word


Numerous batches of the multiplayer extravaganza, Mario Party 8 have been recalled in Europe due to the fortunate discovery of the offensive word ‘spastic’.

Although there’s been some bitter words branded around the gaming community over the controversial decision ultimately it’s been decided the pull makes perfect sense due to the family audience the game’s set to attract.



  1. isn’t that crazy? i mean fair enough nintendo wants to respect that but ppl shouldn’t be bothering with it. i mean with all these things we see on tv, like big brother and so on, spastic is nothing really…

  2. I guess Nintendo want to retain their family friendly image which they’ve built up over the numerous uears they’ve been in operation. It’s sure to put a reasonable size dent in their overall finances though..

  3. Hi, Well you know my children play this game and they love it but they are both under 7 years old and they are both Registered Disabled and they are proteced by the DRC ( Disability rights commission I am really upset at Nintendo useing words like that for a Game even if they were not disabled I still would not let them play this game. I bought this Nintendo Wii as a learning tool for hand and Eye control and fine motor skills They love it have fun and learning as well But nintendo should have respect for people They have offended my family and its really sad they have done this in the game content as I trusted Nintendo but now will watch the games in the future.

  4. gts, your children won’t understand what the word “spastic” means anyways. Heck, I didn’t understand what this word meant until I read this article.

    Or are you Brits just way too sensitive? BTW, I’m not American, I’m Canadian.

  5. The word spastic was not meant to offensive, however the way people have used the word over the previous years has changed its meaning, and to gts, how can nintendo offend you by recalling the game? they are putting the “mistake” right. Certain words mean different things in other cultures, and in the British culture it is deamed bad… hence the recall

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