Nintendo Wii: Slate Magazine Claims Wii Online Is ‘Massive Failure’


Slates very own Jack Patrick Rodger apparently doesn’t hesitate to pull any punches with regards to the Wii’s online capability’s.

It’s legitimate to ask whether the Wii needs an online service as rich and powerful as Xbox Live …. Much of the Wii’s charm comes in watching your friends and family make fools out of themselves by swinging the remote like a baseball bat; that sort of amusement would be lost online. But it’s important to note that many of the Wii’s games (including Brawl) don’t require physical exercise and are similar to the games on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. And while Nintendo could be forgiven for designing a more streamlined network than Live in order to appeal to casual gamers, the one they’ve given Wii owners makes it difficult to do even the most basic things, like interact with your friends.

Jack Patrick Rodger, Slate Magazine



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