Nintendo Wii: Rockstar Says Screw Casual Gaming

grand theft auto 4 screen shot

Dan Houser, Rockstar’s Vice President personally believes the Wii is something undeniably unique, but at present has zero intentions of his company creating what he calls ‘casual games’.

“F**k all this stuff about casual gaming, the Wii is doing something totally different, which is fantastic. But we’re hopefully going to prove that there’s also a very big audience for people who want entertainment in another form, who think of games as being a narrative device that can challenge movies.”

“We’re not going release a large number of games.”They’re going to have the production values of movies. They’re gonna be about themes that interest us… instead of the weird, special video game-only themes that too many people make — orcs and elves, or monsters, or space.”

– Dan Houser, Rockstar Entertainment Vice President.


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