Nintendo Wii: Has The Popularity Of Grand Theft Auto IV Threatened Wii

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Forbes takes an insightful look at the popularity of the recent Grand Theft Auto title and determines whether or not it’ll have any repercussions on Wii hardware sales both now, and in the long run.



  1. GTAIV won’t even peel the paint off of Wii’s sales. Although, the longevity of interest for this single installment of a AAA series may be snowballing after its release, it won’t follow outside our gated community. The Wii is generally accepted and if they do dip in sales for this month, Wii will still eclipse the sales of each system that GTAIV is on. GTAIV poses no threat and won’t have any repercussions to the Wii’s future. I doubt any family would change the aesthetic of a warm dream family home for something that is known to be developed for a mature audience.

  2. I do not think GTA IV will hamper Nintendo’s money making brain child. My problem biggest problem with the Wii is the supply.

    Video iPods and iPhones have been pretty hot, high demand products and Apple has been able to meet that demand in an efficient manner.

    Now Nintendo a toy company for over two decades that specializes in the production of toys cannot meet the demand on a product that is cheap to mass produce.

    I believe the demand is engineered and its part of their marketing strategy. Reason being the Nintendo Wii is very different form its counter parts PS3 and Xbox360.

    Being that there is such a grand difference in everything about the Wii it has to be marketed totally different than any other console ever to be introduce onto the mass public.

    And why not engineer a demand…. who’s Better than
    Nintendo to engineer a demand for a product? Does Pokeman rings a bell.

    Hey great site keep up the great work. I will be buying a Nintendo Wii this fall.

    Games I will buy when I buy my Wii: Mario Galaxy, Zelda, and Ghostbusters. And any games my younger one wants to play.

  3. The popularity of the Wii has to wane sometime, doesn’t it? As much as I love mine, I totally agree with the average reviews on metacritic- comparing quality games across systems makes it quite obvious that the Wii pales in comparison to its brothers (although the quality games are HIGH quality).

    The Wii is a great system, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t think it deserves the popularity it got- but then again, it’s PERFECT for casual gamers and families…

    It’s tough to say, but I think it’s about time that the sales dropped…

  4. “The Wii is a great system, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t think it deserves the popularity it got- but then again, it’s PERFECT for casual gamers and families…

    It’s tough to say, but I think it’s about time that the sales dropped….”

    So you think it’s great, but you want it to decline in sales because of third party developed games? That’s like a father saying, “man, my kid is getting great grades…i hope he gets beat up and drops out.” It’s a ridiculous statement don’t you think? You sound like you think it’s a fad, but don’t really want to call it out. All i have to say is…it’s been more than a year, this is no fad. WiiFit has already built its hype machine and the Wii is as popular as it ever was.

    And sure, most of the games on Wii are viewed as average by high standard critics who are accustomed to compelling gameplay, but who’s to say that the Wii can’t offer something of that nature from a 3rd party developer? Nintendo has proven that it can handle both core enthusiast and the casual market, so it should prove to be the same if developers took the system more seriously.

  5. Yeah, that’s fair enough, but I’m still entitled to my opinion, aren’t I? I agree with you when you say the Wii is no fad, it was a poor choice of words on my part- it is an innovative system, and some great ideas have led to great sales. Still, in my defence, I don’t think it deserves the popularity it got. Sure, Nintendo has proven a great deal– particularly with the success of the DS– and I do believe it CAN offer great quality games- I’m not denying that. It’s quite easy to misinterpret things and jump down people’s throats, but what I was saying was there has, to date, not been enough quality games (regardless of their makers) to justify the awesome sales, in MY opinion. YOU may feel differently, and power to you.
    I love Nintendo, I think they deserve the sales- especially considering the fate of the Gamecube (although it is much-loved), but personally, I have been least impressed by the Wii compared to PS3 and Xbox 360, and I hope they can prove me wrong in the coming months- recently No More Heroes and Mario Kart Wii have shown there is a lot of promise in the system. I just thought it was about time things levelled out on the playing field.
    Of course, I probably spoke too soon, and you are right, Wii Fit is about to rekindle the boom. Such is life.

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