Nintendo Ds: Brand New Ds Colours Confirmed For Europe

a range of ds colours

Nintendo have added three vivid new colours to the plethora of uniquely coloured Nintendo Ds consoles.

The three newly announced colour schemes – red, turquoise and green, are all set to make their European début June 13th and are confirmed by Nintendo to retail at £99.99.



  1. how about we get some colors for our united states of america not just for japan and europe usa should not just get black and blue it’s not fare.

  2. i love all of the colors except for the black one cause it makes u look goth u know wat i mean it’s just not fare but i hope we get alot of colors in america.lets all hope it happens.

  3. i want the white one… but they dont sell it in america any more… i also like the red one and the green one… they dont sell those either :(

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