Nintendo Ds: New Pokemon Platinum Information Revealed

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has unleashed some extremely interesting information relating to the forthcoming Pokemon Platinum:

  • The game’s storyline is slightly different from Pearl and Diamond’s in places. One particular example is the start of the game will be quicker in ways such as meeting your rival sooner.
  • There shall be a police officer of questionable integrity. While he appears to be investigating Team Galactic things may not be as simple as they seem when it comes to Officer “Handsome”.
  • The Battle Tower shall be back, and will be pretty much the same as the one in Pearl and Diamond.
  • The Battle Factory from Emerald returns in Sinnoh.
  • It appears that you can now mail various people in the Global Terminal. While no exact details are known it is possible you can mail friends and even random people.
  • The new WiFi room will feature several games which you can play with your friends online. CoroCoro confirmed a game called ‘Merry Mime Jr.’ in which you have to balance Mime Jr. on a ball. As well as this there is a game called ‘Rapid Wobbuffet’ and the previously announced Swalot game.
  • The silhouettes, released earlier this week of an unknown Pokémon in various forms, were acknowledged by CoroCoro and said they would be shown before the game’s release in Japan next month.



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