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Nintendo Wii: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed For Holiday Season (Update)


Update: It’s now been confirmed that Wii gamers are getting the original Modern Warfare due November 10th.

The highly anticipated follow up to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been confirmed for release this holiday season by publisher Activision.

Infinity Ward, the developer behind the frankly amazing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has confirmed to gaming press that consumers can expect to see its sequel in time for Christmas 2009. Whilst no word has been given regarding what format the title will appear on, it’s widely suspected that a Wii version of the franchise is in the works.


64 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed For Holiday Season (Update)”

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  2. I think Wii users should be able to talk to one another in this game with Wii Speak. Post a comment if you agree.

    1. yes.. i agree.. i play call of duty world at war for the wii and find it very fun but… i also enjoy talking to my teamates about strategie or just about any other random crap… it would be more enjoyable if i could talk…..and btw.. im not even sure cod modern warfare 2 is coming out for the wii.. i hope it does because honestly i like the wii version more.. yea yea its got some graphics that could be worked on but its more interactive like shaking the wii remote to knife an enemy.

    2. I agree because it is hard to communicate with friend when online (I have to ring them and use up my credit)

      1. I think if the Wii users wanted this, than they should’ve thought of the pro’s and con’s of the Wii before buying it, instead of going ” Wow! the Wii is super hAx0r! lets buy it!” they should’ve of thought the game availability for it, and compare it to another system, like the PS3, or Xbox 360, im a 360 user and i’ve never had any want to have my Xbox changed, except for it to be like the PS3, with searching the Internet, and downloading MOD’s and free online play…i’ve never had any want for it to be like the Wii

        1. Perhaps we have a very large family and we are tight on money and a wii is all we can afford to have. By the way searching the internet and free online are on the wii so technically you want your ps3 to be like a wii in that context. We’re not all spoiled like you are.

      2. Have you considered that there ARE people who bought the Wii on release day? How could they possibly have known that the Wi-Fi Connection would be crap?

        1. lol dude my wifi on wii is better than my new 2009 made 22 inch screen laptop with build in everything… wii can pick up smallest of signals..

    3. i don’t think that they should use wii speak i think that they should come out with a head set like they have for the xbox and the head set should be wireless

    4. i think ur right. it should b optional 4 wii gamers 2 talk 2 each other in multiplayer mode (and/or)campaign mode. i used 2 b bad at war games bt when i played the call of duty games, i felt a connection,i felt like i was there. call of duty ARE the games of 2day and the future.

  3. i deff agree with using wii speak…its soo annoying shooting at teammates trying to get their attention to help


    Yea. I hope it comes out for the wii because I play COD WAW on the wii and it IS ten times more fun than the 360/PS3 versions. If infinity ward puts this on the market for the wii, they would make millions.


    BTW, if any of you want to play COD WAW, send me an email. I don’t remember my friend code, but email me yours and I will definatly add you and send you mine. I am (SNI)Batdude and I’am lvl 59 on first prestige.

  6. Omg Ima luff this gamesoverymuch and
    I can’t wait and it better be for Wii or ima die and cry and sniffle and possibly eat my brother but that would make me a cannibal and then i would go to jail and be so very sadeded and not ever get the game cuz ima jail bird and that would suck and make my brother sad even tho he’d be in heaven and hed cry too cuz he wouldn’t get the game and thats cuz he’d be a prettyful angel cuz he got et by me.
    Try reading that on one breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yo!!
    **I just wanted to tell you all that I am NOT a nerd, everybody calls me a nerd but I’m not, I know it. SO please read this and lets have some total awesome fun!**

    This game will be amazing, but let’s try not to forget the amazing fighting alternative, CoD: WAW!!!! If you live in New York, NY, there is a convention you can go to every Sunday after church. Here’s what it offers:

    * Massive 11-hour 64-player engagements every Sunday. Fight when you can, for as long as you can. Organized engagements enable you to play the game the way it was meant to be played.
    * A complete gaming experience. Relive World War II as if you were there. Start as an enlisted soldier and work your way up the historical rank structures to fight and lead as an NCO or even an officer. Work as part of a unit complete with a chain of command. Earn badges and authentic medals and make your mark on WaW history. Intuitive strategies and battle preparations make the World at War tournament a unique experience.
    * Fight as part of the entire war effort by capturing and defending territories deciding the final campaign outcome. Follow the progress of the conflict using the new and improved battle map which includes over 30 territories and maps to conquer as well as new strategic elements. Each battle plays a vital part to your team’s ultimate victory, right down to the very last round.
    * Coordinate with your company brothers in arms on the battlefield using TeamSpeak 2 technology. A microphone is recommended but not mandatory. You will feel the tension as you coordinate the assault with air, land and artillery assets or as you prepare for the enemy counter-attack.
    * Fight on beautiful CUSTOM maps from Tilly Sur Seulles in France, Sicily, Rat Race in Egypt, Lebanon, to Iskenderun in Turkey. Our dedicated map team ensures the maps provide a fun and varied experience and are balanced for tournament play.(I’m part of that team)
    * Use new custom equipment created by the WaW mod team such as the Crusader 2 CS Infantry Close Support tank. Beautiful new static objects such as Italian mansions and a fully functional American Pontoon bridge with many more to come.

    So if you just want to play WaW all day long every Sunday with hundreds of other people, sign up today!!


    (I’m not a nerd, I have a girlfriend and she is very real with a very thin stomach and humongous boobies. and I only have glasses because I have allergies and my inhaler is only for emergencies and for use in the springtime.)

    Btw, Runescape is a fun game to. Click on my name to go there!! (My playing name is Thunderpants101.)

    Pokemon is super fun also, I trained every pokemon in my game to lvl 100 on Pokemon Diamond.

    Oh yeah and here are some other games I play:
    Bakugon card collection game,
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    Dragon Blade for Wii,
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    and all the World of Warcrafts and Adventure Quests online.

    So check out those NON nerdy games, trust me, they aren’t nerdy, so…
    Have a totally awesome day dude!!

    1. If you are on a website talking about COD and will post a comment on that website, you are indeed a nerd. “Oh I was being sarcastic fagface” you say. I understand that but honestly posting this makes you gay.


    Hey! I’m sitting here at 1:33am (in the morning, not the afternoon, because for some reason, people have been getting confused with “am”, “pm”, and the radio “fm”). I got really bored after watching the Suite Life of Zach and Cody on Nicktoons Network so I decided to come talk to you guys where I’m always accepted. After this, I’ll probably go up to my room (I have to be sneaky because as I said before, it’s one in the morning(not the afternoon or the radio) and my parents are probably asleep. Who knows, they might be having a silent, wild party up there. It’s not like I go up into my parents’ room every night just to make sure they’re asleep ;). I’m only twelve and a half for buddha’s sake.) In my room, I’ll probably watch some of my limited edition Barney clips and cry myself to sleep in that one episode in which Barney loses his hamster. I will then probably wake up and tell my parents to put up some Tellitubies for a couple of hours. I think my parents think I’m wierd. They’re the wierd ones, I mean, it’s not like they’ve never seen a twelve year old watching Tellitubies. I bet all of you still watch these shows.
    By the way,I’m actually twenty two , almost twenty three, and I live in my parents’ basement. I work at Hooters as one of the waitresses, and I’m a guy. Sometimes, I really hate my life. I’m not a nerd either because nerds aren’t handsome. My mom calls me hansome every day.

    Just so any one that actually takes the time to read this, I’m actually twelve, and I do not watch any of the shows I mentioned above. Sorry if I got completely off topic, but I just needed to share some of my feelings with someone because my pet fish sure doesn’t seem to care. My name is my email address. Send if you want to play some COD WAW.
    Also… who here has seen stuff on The Conduit yet. If you haven’t, go check it out. It looks like a pretty solid game, but I’m not buying it. Eric Nosfinger keeps saying how they will put in more stuuf in The Conduit 2 such as LAN and local multiplayer and vehicles. But… if you guys want to buy it, I strongly suggest it. E-mail me to talk.
    I like saying good by in different languages.

  9. Those comments above me are weirder than banana and sardine sandwhiches.

    I am a geek and if you to discuss games, anime and anything geek in general, contact me on twitter

    On topic/ I look forward to a Modern Warfare game on the Wii but after playing The Conduit @ Comicon 09′ Infinity Ward will have to step their game up to compete for my dollars.

    I am neither hardcore nor casual.I am a gamer and I own a Wii.

    Gameplay is king!


    Sorry if I got too off topic. I was feeling really high, and besides, it was 1 in the morning. As you said, The Conduit looks really good, but the game won’t come out for a little bit over a month. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was seriously kick a$$, and there’s no doubt Modern Warfare 2 will be even better. Really hoping MW2 comes out for wii cause FPSs were pretty much built for the wii. I love playing FPSs on the wii more than I do on 360/PS3 cause it gives me more of a rush and it puts me more in the game.

    1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE LISTEN TO WHAT WILL RLY HAPPEN MW1 will come out for wii later and MW2 will come out in 2011 omg listen to infinity ward will ya

    2. I agree with you that it was sick, and i have a friend with the xbox and i wish my wii had a harddrive and the ability to use a xbox style pause and stuff but i think they are affraid of the fps because they did get really low at times and i belive that they would need some type of mic for wii also. but whatever i still love cod4 for wii and i hope they make MW 2 and every game for wii they did for xbox or ps3. it just hasnt been fair with the WIIS gay ass games. im not three

  11. all u fucks are to low on life to get a real console that you have been driven to use a shit wii if you have like 15 games on wii plus two controllers go and sell that piece of shit console and be apart of the gaming revolution on XBOX 360 and while your at it grow a fucking dick and fuzz u pussys

    1. HEY ASS WIPE SHUT THE FUCK UP! We had no idea when we bought the wii that it would be the worst system out there. We had no idea that They would make such great games for the ps3/360, and decent games for the wii. DON’T CALL US NAMES YOU ASS LICK! YOU DON’T DESERVE WHAT YOU HAVE! IF YOUR GONNA BE A DICK TO ALL OF US WII OWNERS, YOU CAN JUST GET HIT BY A FUCKING CAR! Nintendo should have made the wii as powerful as the other systems but they didn’t. Next time a new generation comes out, i’m going with the Playstation.

  12. this looks awsome, ive never played modern warfare or modern warfare 2 but i have played world at war and thats fun.

    but ive heard modern warfare 2 is going to so much better…
    275,000 copies for just ps3 for modern warfare 2.
    so if modern warfare is good for the wii than modern warfare 2 will be FREAKIN AWSOME!

  13. Maybe they will add a special zombie mode just for the Wii. But I know they won’t :(

    CoD WaW is an amazing game on the Wii. The online is addictive and awesome. But the developers got lazy.

    I hope that in Modern Warfare they fix these things:
    More than 8 people online, Wii Speak compatible, more game modes, and a lot of maps.

    If they can do those, then I don’t care that we are getting an old game.

  14. it will be cool if the fu*king developers did all that. btw my user name in COD modern warfare is Ragdoll…..and 4 all u losers who say wii sux, plz go fu*k urselves and go su*k a di*k….thank u

  15. put it on the fucking wii and you fuck muthers who dis the wii haha like fuck u you wish you had one ur just jellous i have played cod on ps3/xbox 360/and the wii and wii much better so fuck u cunts

  16. yo fellas, i got a wii too and i got cod 5, everyone give me your wii numbers for cod and ill add u as a friend so we can have private matches

  17. all of you who say wii is crap, then jog on cuz ps3 sold only 27million, xbox only 36 but wii 57million copies. If it soo crap then whhy people buying it more.

    1. the only people that are buying it are the people that have families, or the people that don’t realize that it’s the system with the least amount of great games. I own one, so i’m not bashing, but i wish i had a ps3. I want MW2 for the wii just as much as you.

  18. Soo Modern warfare 2 is gonna be for wii? It should use wii speak so ppl can talk to each other but it should also have a mute person thing

    1. @Mark YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t speak unless you know the facts! You don’t need friend codes either, you can go online with random people like the other lame consoles.

  19. Thats cool, but are they bringing Modern Warfare 2 to the wii! They better or I will never buy a game from activision again. They are bringing black ops to the wii for crying out loud, why not modern warfare 2??????????????????????????????????????? Nintendo is the best!

  20. Ah…is call of duty modern warfare 3 coming out for wii?oh yeah and I also agree about the wii speak conversation stuff…..

  21. Make Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for wii or i will never by a game from activision. MAKE IT SO I WILL KEEP ON BUYING YOUR GAMES

  22. I understand that the new Wii u is out but what happen with making a modern warfare 2 for the first gen Wii console?????

  23. are they really going to make call of duty modern warfair2 for wii because all the other modern warfairs are for wii i think modern warfair2 is gonna be the best one for wii.

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