Nintendo Wii: Toys R Us Begin Selling Nintendo Wii Demo’s


American chain store, Toys R Us, have begun marketing and selling a Nintendo Wii game demo.

The game demo, titled ‘The Activision Demo Action Pack‘,  comprises of five Wii titles including; Big League Sports, Dancing With the Stars: We Dance!, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Monkey Mischief! Party Time, and Shrek’s Carnival Craze, and is set to retail for a reasonably pricey, $7.99.



  1. I like how the mainstream are so oblivious to the obvious.Demos discs for consoles have been around for ages but the moment Nintendo announces them for the Wii it becomes such a big deal.The road to 100 million Wii’s sold will be an easy one indeed.

  2. What a waste of plastic. These are all older titles that have been out for at least a few months, if not more than a year already.

    Looks like a desperate attempt to get people to buy the full titles, after letting them get a “taste” for a smaller price. Not a bad concept, but it might look better if it was done with hot, current titles… not stale titles destined for the $17.88 bargain endcap at WalMart.

    Personally, I haven’t tried any of these titles, and I wouldn’t, because they simply LOOK awful. As a rule, I never buy games themed after a movie, with the rare exception of certain 007-themed games. That eliminates 2 of these titles immediately. I could care less about a DWTS game. The other two titles look like cheap “mini-game suites” designed to take advantage of the Wii remote novelty, but I would bet they’re poorly designed and the novelty wears off quickly, as in the monumentally craptacular “Game Party.”

    Of course, I could be wrong… judging a book by its cover is a bad thing. Just because the box art looks cheesy doesn’t mean the game is going to be cheap and crappy. But I don’t want to risk paying that money to find out. What ever happened to renting games at the video store? Back in the NES, Super NES and even N64 days, that was the primary method for paying only a few bucks to check out whether a game was worth buying. I’d think renting would be even MORE attractive now since you KEEP the save file on your own console or memory card — rather than on the game media, which gets returned to the store. So if you do decide to buy the game, you can still pick up where you left off from the rental, rather than starting over from the beginning.

    But alas, the last few times I went into a popular rental chain store, the shelves had very little Wii selection. Seems like the 100 million units aren’t enough to get them to devote more shelf space to the Wii… the PS2/PS3 get most of the attention. It’s a disservice to loyal Nintendo fans like myself, who have never purchased a competing brand’s console, and don’t intend to anytime soon.

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