Nintendo Wii: New Wii Hardware Colours Displayed In Public


The World Hobby Fair held in Tokyo over the weekend showcased the very latest colours for Wii hardware.

Nintendo showcased their latest colour variants for the Nintendo Wii in Tokyo this weekend. Both the blue Wii remote and nunchuck were displayed along with the incredibly attractive black Nintendo Wii console.



  1. How exciting! However, how can I justify buying something in color when I already have the white versions? Unless I buy my 3rd and 4th Wii Remotes/Nunchucks, I’m just gonna have to wait.

    Speaking of cool Nintendo stuff. What’s this years Gold and Platinum gift? Anyone know?

  2. Ahhh, this is cool. xDD

    A black Nintendo Wii. All it needs is a red light….that would be awesome. XD

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