Nintendo Wii: Wii Internet Channel Free Once Again


Nintendo have wisely decided to launch the Wii Internet Channel to users free of charge.

Those users who purchased the channel for the 500 Wii Points it was available for will be offered a NES game free of charge in October. This is obviously fantastic news for any Wii owner who has yet to experience the Wii Internet Channel.



  1. I got this message this morning on my Wii I cant wait to get my free NES game though i dunno which one to pick. Probably would have been easier to give us a code for 500 points though.

    YouTube is still a bit buggy on it though even with the flash upgrade (normal site not the limited XL on i mean).

  2. I would also have preferred to just be given 500 points. Many NES games I don’t even know/heard of

    1. My main problem is i own most of the NES games i like. I have the Zeldas on GC disk, Super Mario 1, LL and 2 D/loaded and have 3 on GBA.

  3. Well I’m sure it will be a popular NES game. I downloaded it an hour or two ago, but I’ve yet to try it. I was pretty happy though.

    Now I can experience the internets all over again, on my WII.

    1. You can use a couple of USB keyboard for the Internet Channel (one i had was the Logitech 100 Classic) makes it a lot easier, then the wiimote becomes your mouse. Though id never use the Wiinternet as my primary browser now that i have a laptop but it is handy for linking to games from the nintendo channel or watching some web videos on your TV

  4. Ok, but is it official that a Flash update will be released? (Some stuff can’t be loaded) barely youtube. Also, When are they going to fix browsing for sites that can’t be opened in the Internet Channel such as Facebook?

    1. Yeah its Flash Lite 3.0 (equivalent of Flash 8 i think) So it can handle most flash based things. The Wii hardware is a different story though the cache is very small even while loading regular web pages.

      I find it even more ironic that the official Nintendo website is barely viewable on the Wii.

  5. What is on wikipedia about the Flash player

    “In addition it updated Flash Player to Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 which corresponds to a full implementation of Adobe Flash version 8 with certain features of Flash 9”

    but i still say the Wii wasnt designed for what most people want to do on the internet and therefore trips at some of the most common tasks of the Internet savvy among us

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