Nintendo: Miyamoto Says Not Everything Needs To Be In 3D

Whilst the majority of next generation titles have embraced 3D, Shigeru Miyamoto still believes that two dimensions can still provide the player with equally as engaging game worlds.

I don’t think everything needs to be 3D, or that just because we’re seeing more 2D games now, that everything’s going to shift back to 2D. I think that what’s going on is that people are realizing the benefits of a 3D game, and at the same time, remembering what the benefits of 2D games were. When going to 2D, you need the courage to not be so attached to visual appearance of the games and to really pursue the gameplay experience.

– Shigeru Miyamoto




  1. I’d love to see what other games they’d cook up with that logic. I was always fond of SNES’s 16-bit artwork in games as opposed to graphics from a more recent generational system. If they make more 2D games, no doubt the gameplay would be more challenging, but they may also have the visual accompaniment as well. The Paper Mario series tend to merge the two together quite well. Especially the 3rd installment. I’d love to see more games like that. The only thing I feel is missing is the difficulty setting that the old games had. Other than that, I’m optimistic.


  2. So true. A good game has more to do with a focus on exceptionally strong gameplay over graphics. All one has to do is look at the enormous success of Wii Fit and Wii Sports to see the proof.

    I love Nintendo for not following the crowd and still producing top tier games.


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