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Nintendo Wii: Wii HD Would Be Boring Claims Square Enix

Akitoshi Kawazu, a respected developer for Square Enix, has spoken out about the often-speculated HD enabled Wii, stating that the console would ultimately be boring for consumers. His point clearly shows that High Definition gaming for the Wii just wouldn’t be enough to win those without a Nintendo Wii over.

“If the only difference really in the Wii 2 is only SD to HD, that would be really quite boring.”

– Square Enix developer, Akitoshi Kawazu


14 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Wii HD Would Be Boring Claims Square Enix”

  1. Well all the Wii 2 rumor’s are true & it won’t be boring as the first one.HD blue ray,& more features will be added to & it will come in the 3Q of 2010.But it will be called Wii2 HD.

  2. I think it would be best not to speculate what hardware would be packed in to a wii upgrade. They could just combine the wii motion plus into the wiimote for it’s full design and upgrade the graphic card to output 720p visual and that would be enough to sell a second wii next to the original one. However Nintendo had never run it’s bussiness like Sony has, as they don’t view the video game console industry like the stereo system industry. At best bet the next Nintendo system is atleast 2.5 to 3 years away and would offer something new rather that just something updated. .

  3. If that was the only difference, yes it would be boring. But, knowing the ingenuity of Nintendo, I know that if they added HD to Wii, it wouldn’t be the only upgrade or change.

  4. Lets look at the pattern…

    Super NES – 1991-1996
    Nintendo 64 – 1996-2001
    Nintendo Gamecube – 2001-2006
    Wii – 2006-2011?

    If the pattern holds true, a new Nintendo console is not far off at all, and the current Wii is in the back half of its lifespan.

    I expect Nintendo to continue the Wii branding, contain the most powerful guts Nintendo can squeeze into a Wii sized housing while keeping the console price under 300 bucks, have Motion Plus capable controllers from the start, HD output, and SOMETHING new besides that to shake things up, dont know what that will be.

    1. Thats retarded!!! Why would they do that? Nintendo is not interested in doing something like that, if that were the case then they would put out another GC like system that would be destined to fail just like the GC did.

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  6. ATI Hollywood can do HDR+AA, something that was possible until the ATI x1000 series arrived, not to mention that they were also the first GPUs capable of GPGPU natively.

    Wii has also made use of Havok FX for doing the physics through the Hollywood and not the cpu; you can checkk that in the gamasutra archives.

    just look for gamasutra wii havok fx

    You can also be sure that Havok FX is strongly related to GPGPU by reading:

    Reggie has only said that there will be no new Wii, not that the current one version will not bring HD in the future.

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