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Nintendo Wii: Reggie Fully Expects Nintendo Wii Rebound

Whilst Nintendo have seen Wii sales fall for nine consecutive months in the United States, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime remains completely confident that sales figures will be on the rebound throughout the Christmas period and beyond.

“Our read on the consumer is very strong. What we are seeing today is a strong momentum for hardware and software. Profitability in this industry is in software. The software peak in this industry should be this year and next year. I look at our performance and see it’s right on track with where we believed it would be.”

– Reggie Fils-Aime


2 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Reggie Fully Expects Nintendo Wii Rebound”

  1. Hmm. I wish I was so optimistic. Unlike some people with a second console, my Wii is not collecting dust. (Damn, Little King’s Story is not that easy.) But other than Zelda (which probably isn’t even coming out next year), Red Steel 2 (if reviews are good), Mario, and maybe Sin & Punishment, I don’t see much I want coming up.

  2. I could see big money coming from game sales next year when Mario Galaxy 2, Tatsunoko, Metroid and the new Zelda get released. That is if Zelda is released next year. As far as Wii sales goes, I think its past its prime sales by now but who knows.. Maybe the new games will make people buy more Wii’s!

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