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Nintendo Wii: Zelda Producer Wants More Link’s Crossbow Training

Zelda series director, Eiji Aonuma, has stated that he would like to produce a new addition to Link’s Crossbow Training but has instead been urged by his peers to continue to work on the next Zelda title for Wii.

“To tell you the truth, I actually wanted to create Link’s Crossbow Training 2. I thought that we should do something more and better in the field of the first person shooter, based on our experience of the first game”.

The “more” he wanted was an expanded multiplayer mode, but Nintendo would have none of it. “The fact of the matter is that a lot of people inside Nintendo insisted that I should work on a new Legend Of Zelda title rather than working on more Crossbow Training”.

– Eiji Aonuma


10 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Zelda Producer Wants More Link’s Crossbow Training”

  1. …This better be a joke.

    What idiot would ever take a goddamn railshooter over a video game epic. God, this is our one hope for a great Wii single player experience?

  2. Would be good as a multiplayer mini game within the next full title but I wouldn’t pay for a second version of an overpriced minigame I already own as a standalone title.

  3. I think another Crossbow game would be perfect coupled with the new Zelda title ………… make it like a special edition and come with both

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