Nintendo: God Of War Producer Loves Zelda 64

God of War producer, David Jaffe, has stated that he wants to combine elements from Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the next installment of the highly regarded PlayStation exclusive action title.

“If I were to do God of War now, I would do God of War meets Zelda 64 structure. Much more interested in immersive games now vs. scripted experiences…But I think Zelda open world+God of War puzzles/combat=pretty good mash. Many other games have mash’d that up…Not to imply I don’t love God of War. I DO very much. But I just would not design it the same way now, in 2010.”

– David Jaffe



  1. Where in the article does it say he loves Zelda 64?
    He was comparing the games and brought that particular one up in the conversation. I’m not trying to be a jerk I’m just saying that this page is wrongly named.

    1. He obviously loves the ideas behind the game to want to incorporate them into his own. Headline had to be short, I’m sorry if it mislead anyone.

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