Nintendo Wii: Miyamoto Is Open To Online Super Mario Bros.

Whilst many Nintendo gamers were initially disappointed to hear that that the well received Super Mario Bros Wii didn’t include an online multiplayer mode, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto hasn’t ruled it out for future titles.

“Well, it’s not for purely technological issues that it wasn’t included. After all, as you know, we already have online play in Smash Bros., and technologically speaking, I don’t think it’s creating a high amount of lag. It’s just a matter of our priorities when it comes to the creation of a game. We just prioritised on making a multiplayer mode where four players can sit together and play while seeing each other’s faces.

“We thought that this was more important as far as this New Super Mario Bros. was concerned, but we don’t know about the future. Because network environments are getting better and better every day, it may be possible in a future edition to incorporate that type of multiplayer online mode for a real-time action game. But I am just talking about the technological aspect here. What’s more important, of course, is if it’s going to add to the fun aspect of the game.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto



  1. wii online is a joke. I was playing Cod4 relex online. no voice chat, friend invites are lame.

    hell psp socom ftb2 has wayy better online

  2. “After all, as you know, we already have online play in Smash Bros., and technologically speaking, I don’t think it’s creating a high amount of lag”

    That right there is a big slap in the face to me. There is no game that lags more then Brawl PERIOD! If you think button delay, freezing, random disconnections, slow downs etc is expectable in a fighting game then I fear for Nintendo’s future online service.

    Ask anyone that has Brawl. 85% of the people online are red, orange, or if your lucky yellow! I know some green people and that even lags unplayable sometimes. Blue is somewhat near lag less but its so rare I’ve only seen it twice!

    The worst thing about it is Brawls my favorite game! Damn near the only game on Wii I play!
    A game that doesn’t lag would be Mario Kart Wii. That online is flawless! So if you plan on adding online play to any other game do it with the technique you used to make Mario Kart Wii’s online because thats ones amazing!

    P.S I would’ve bought New Super Mario Bro’s Wii first day if it had online. I’m sure its a great game regardless but for 50$ with no online play is the only thing thats holding me back. I also think Nintendo should start advertising the Wii Lan Adapter because a lot of people don’t even know it exists and it might even reduce the lag if we all were using a wired broadband connections instead of Wi-Fi.

  3. I dont know, the next Wii might have to be the power of all computers on the earth combined to handle both, online side scrolling gameplay and the advanced physics involved to render Princess Peach’s dress.

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