Nintendo: Physical Media Will Be Around For A Long Time

Nintendo have spoken to online gaming publication MCV regarding their personal stance on digital downloads and digital distribution, claiming physical media will be around for a long time.

“WiiWare and DSiWare are not threats to retail. We don’t believe today’s packaged business will simply be replaced by electronic distribution.

Titles like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart and Wii Fit will always work best with the big launch presence that only a retail environment can provide. WiiWare will work alongside retail. It is not a replacement.”

– Nintendo online manager, Polly Sherrard



  1. Nintendo were also the ones who didn’t want to go with cds and prefered to stay with game cartridge and it’s probably the main reason why lots of developers left Nintendo for Playstation in the N64 years… I agree that for now, physical medias aren’t soon to leave, but I think Nintendo should be more interested into digital downaloads… I’d love it so much if we could see more downloadable demos for the Wii and more interesting games for the WiiWare

  2. I personally fill safer owning the physical copy of my games just in case my Wii broke. Relying on downloads can be risky business, same reason why I don’t want a PSPgo.

    If Nintendo could make a cartridge as good as a Blu-Ray disk then I’d be all for it! Cartridges can go to hell and back and still work like brand new!

  3. I like having physical media too, but give us the option to have our portable games as downloads like the PSP now does.

    Nothing ruins portability like carrying around a bunch of disks and cartridges, and this is from a guy who still carries around a GameBoy Pocket as a primary handheld.

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