Nintendo Wii: Red Steel 2 Pushed Teen Rating To The Limits

According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board Ubisoft’s eagerly awaited Red Steel 2 has pushed the Teen rating  to the limits.

“During the course of the game, a female character with exaggerated-size breasts wears a low-cut shirt that exposes deep cleavage; the character’s breasts jiggle slightly during cutscenes (there are no comparable physics applied to male characters). The expletives “bada*s,” “punk-a*s,” and “dammit” can be heard in the dialogue.”

“Overall, the game’s highly stylized cell-shaded graphics blunt the sense of realism, increasing the fantastical nature of battle sequences; in some ways, the graphic-novel art style (skinned with hand-drawn-like textures) lessens the impact of the violence—though the game is still considered a high-end Teen.”

– Entertainment Software Rating Board



  1. I remember reading an interview where someone from NOA was talking about how Mario & Luigi had to have a LOT of stuff cut in order to make T, that Smash Bros Melee was rated T mainly based on Giga Bowser, and that Wind Waker nearly got a T just for the final blow against Ganondorf.

    But then again, this is the same group that placed Donkey Kong Jungle Beat in the same ratings bracket with Shadow the Hedgehog, and gave GTA San Andreas the equivalent of a XXX rating for an inaccessable minigame that could have easily made it into an R rated movie had it been a film.

  2. I have always thought the game rating system was terrible and that no one not even parents payed attention to it much. I just want there to be blood in the game to make the slashing feel real. Boobs are ok too.

  3. Exaggerated…..Haha….That’s hilarious. Apparently they don’t watch/read much anime/manga, lol.

    And another thing….when you’re trying to censor a word, it doesn’t really help to only censor one letter!

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