Nintendo Wii: Wii 2 Needs Something New Claims Nintendo President

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors at a recent quarterly Q&A session that the successor to the Nintendo Wii needs ‘something new‘ beyond HD.

“If asked if making the Wii compatible with high definition – just making it compatible with high resolution – will get players throughout the world to buy it, I would of course say: ‘Do you think it would sell with just that? It needs something new.'”

Of course he wouldn’t give any clues away, saying “If there were no rival makers in the world, I’d could give examples of the things that we are considering. However, for competitive reasons, I cannot give specifics today on the what or when of the things we’re considering.”

– Satoru Iwata



    1. no. mature games and graphics don’t make a system. It needs more core nintendo titles with a graphics update and more sensitive motion controls in my opinion.

      1. Luckily we’ll never have to worry about that. There will ALWAYS be Mario on Wii–or future Nintendo systems now that I think about it.

  1. It should play dvd and blu-ray. It should have its own games but be able to play Wii and GC games. Better internet, and way better graphics.

  2. Wow no matter what I’m still gonna support the Wii. HD graphics is a must but also maybe better online gamplay experience. Maybe more motion sensitive to the nunchuck and controller

  3. I have doubts about Nintendo’s next console. It will probably be controlled with your butt or something. The next portable on the other hand sounds more promising.

  4. A wider variety of titles for a variety of gamers is what the Wii needs. It’s not just “throw some Mature rated games in there” either. More games where online play isn’t just a minor bonus, but an encouraged feature…a stronger turn out of RPGs (the DS has a stronger list of RPGs than any console really…including the Wii).

    The PS3 and 360 both have far stronger online gaming communities–something the Wii should’ve jumped on from the start. It’s something that could widen the gap even more. Sure graphics would help keep the Wii relevant in the long run, but without strong gameplay you’ve got a hollow–albeit very pretty–husk of a game that may have a good storyline.

    More online games in the vein of the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 and of course the often suggested, guaranteed money maker of a Pokemon MMO (or even one based on the Zelda or Mario universes) would help greatly. A Pokemon MMO? Talk about the gap in sales being the size of a canyon.

  5. What a new nintendo system really needs is to not have a gimmicky controller set up as the primary means of play. I’m sure most people will agree that 9 times out of 10 games the depend on motion sensing or touch screen are fine but nothing to be remembered. Their are definite exceptions to this I will admit but the use of these play styles mostly cuts down on room for more important things like graphics or longer more developed games. Two of the most irritating things that nintendo’s use of odd gaming styles are the enormous number of games released on other systems that nintendo players miss out on or end up getting a worse version. The other is that for allot of games like this, if you just want to relax and play some games your out of luck because most of them require you to be fairly active.

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