Nintendo: Nintendo Magazine Says E3 2010 “Better Than Last Two”

British gaming publication, NGamer, has stated on Twitter that Nintendo’s forthcoming press conference at E3 2010 in June will be “better than their last two E3’s glued together.

Whilst the gaming publication hasn’t stated exactly why they believe E3 2010 will be superior to the last two years, common sense would suggest that it might have something to do with Nintendo showcasing the next Zelda title.




  1. I am so excited for E3 this year! It is gonna ROCK! I just hope that I’ll be able to watch it this year. I’ve never been able to watch it live. Dish Network had better have G4 as a free preview channel that month!


  2. cough cough super mario galaxy 2? metroid other m? cough cough! In other terms lets just hope it’s not a crap load of gimmicky motion controlled games again.


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