Nintendo DS: Key Developers Have Nintendo DS2 Development Kits

French gaming site, GameKult, claims that a number of key developers have started receiving development kits for the next version of the Nintendo DS.

Whilst I wouldn’t put my money on news from this site being entirely accurate, respected gaming publication CVG have also published a similar story which further backs up these claims.



    1. The Dsi didn’t come out yesterday, and look at the PSP 9000 (that’s almost literally the 9000th psp)

      1. The DSi was obviously just a experiment with digital distribution and a way to test the idea of the Nintendo DS as more of a lifestyle device akin to an iPod or cell phone.

        If I had the money to get a DSi when it came out, i would have, with the full expectation of a DS successor being at least announced some time in 2010.

      2. I just bought myself and my girl a DSi for Christmas, and have no problem getting the next DS even if it’s later this month. When it comes to entertainment in general, you have to expect it to continue to evolve. It’s technology for Pete’s sake.

  1. Just cos the DS2 is coming out in 2011, does not mean you need to buy it then.
    It is often best to wait a few months at least to see what games appear and what price drops might occur.

    I didn’t get a DS til the DS Lite came out, and I am still using that DS Lite to this day. As long as the DS has plenty of life left in it, which is likely with such games as Pokemon still coming out, there is no rush to upgrade!

  2. So, if this is supposed to be a completely new handheld, maybe, or maybe not, with the DS name, what kind of medium will it use? Surely they’re not thinking of going download-only. Based on everything that I heard, the PSP Go failed miserably. It’s just too far ahead of it’s time. Perhaps a bigger card, or even Gamecube sized discs? There would have to be some different kind of medium for the games if they do bump things up to HD.


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