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Nintendo 3DS: Professional Designer Mock Designs The Nintendo 3DS

Olivier Demangel, a professional graphic designer, has created his own stunning concept art for Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS.



  1. this reminds me of a PsP or maybe a small laptop.
    the design feels too modern and a bit far from Nintedo’s style, I am excited for the 3DS but this just looks like too much of a change in design. try again?
    How big is this anyways?

  2. i hope its not that big and doesn’t it play all gameboy games? well i can’t wait

  3. Its not very ergonomically designed.
    Its looks sexy.
    but, I would hate to play on that thing
    with that control pad and buttons placement
    unless i was a hobbit or smurf.

  4. no me gusta! muy grande demaciado D: y la ergonomia no es buena XD espero y no sea asi

  5. It would obviously be scaled to perfect stuff-in-pocket size. I like the look of it, but I prefer the clam-shape of my current DS. This looks too easy to break upon accidentally dropping or sitting on it. Although the visual presentation is much better than the current DS presentation which is quite on the outdated side.

    …it’s crazy sexy looking though.

  6. Stunning?

    I thought I saw this several days ago, and regardless, it’s not even slightly impressive to me. I’ll be disappointed if the 3DS looks anything like this.

    Only 70 days till we see for ourselves.

  7. beautiful, psp look-a-like yes, original shape design, no, sucker punch to sony, (insert explicit term here) yeah!

  8. That’s HORRIBLE haven’t Nintendo been using smooth curves for their handhelds recently so I don’t think they’d revert to that sharp style.

  9. Hmm, I agree with everyone.

    -looks sleek
    -doesn’t look like something nintendo would release, but with a few changes it could (round ALL the edges)
    -my hands would be pained to hold this for more than 10 minutes, even if letting it rest on something as I play
    -I hope there isn’t an analog stick as well, i don’t really know why I feel this way, but if it was there, I would switch the placement of the three horizontal buttons, (start and select i assume, and something else I can’t read) with the ABXY, and also switch the analog stick with the contral pad, reason being the analog stick would be a bit more easy to use at a higher position, instead of cramping my thumb in a 90 degree angle
    -It doesn’t look like a bad system, it was designed pretty well, but I just think there could be room for improvement, :P

  10. Although its awesomeness is unmeasurably immense, it’s not a part of nintendo’s ‘family friendly’ house style.

  11. I Don’t Think It’s Nintendos Style, Make It less Flashy And More Cute Like The Ds Lite!

  12. ok this is it how come nintedo are coming out with so many difernt things come on dsi dsi xl and now 3ds i really geting pissed of by this

  13. WTF!!?? Just a modified PSP….It’s really funny to see people get desperated and believing every single rumor, you cannot wait until the this year E3?? Another rumor said, It supossed to get a october 2010 release, maybe it can be true ‘cuz “natal” and “move” (Another sony’s try to copy nintendo again) comes out this fall, nintendo will kick sony and micro ass with a single PORTABLE system, just imagine what the Wii successor could be, brain waves based controlled games, better graphics than the ps3 and all the programers experience they are getting with the ps3. Just my two cents.

  14. Hey contact me on the design, I’m curious as to if it will be on the market anytime soon. I see a great and vast oportunity. With the setbacks of the previous 3Ds that is causing disease.

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