Nintendo Wii: Wii Took 47% Of The World Wide Console Market In 2009

A new report from Ibis Capital has shown that the Nintendo Wii took an impressive 47 per cent of the global home console market in 2009.

The report also revealed that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 took a fairly-sizeable 35% chunk of the worldwide home console market in 2009, whilst Sony’s PlayStation 3 only managed to take 18% of the market during 2009.



  1. The two better consoles that are packed with great exclusive games destroy the over priced one that has stupid exclusive games.

    1. The Playstation 3 is no longer overpriced and if you truly knew what you were talking about, you would realize that their exclusives are anything but stupid. On a side note, this article made me really happy :)

  2. Seems like the PS3 should just kept its price high since it’ll most likely be staying in third. Wii seems like the little engine that did. It’s not a hoss and it’s library of diverse games isn’t extravagant, but be damned it took a chunk of the market.

    Good for Nintendo!

  3. Great news, although I recall a few reports stating the 360 was clearly the most “played” console of 2009. Wii came in third as PS3 was 2nd.
    Infinity Ward stated over 11 million UU’s (unique users) on the xbox have logged into their servers online.

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