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Nintendo: Nintendo Prepares Itself For Apple Battle

Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has told British newspaper The Times that the company is stepping up its development and marketing campaigns in a bid to thwart the iPhone and iPad, which Iwata claims are the ‘enemy of the future’.



  1. That’s a new take on the iPad which Iwata said upon it’s unvealing “didn’t innovate enough.” Now he’s said it threatens Nintendo’s future. That’s also in stark contrast to his American COO who said that Apple was no threat to Nintendo products.

  2. Hadn’t Iwata dismissed Apple products as something inconsecuential and unthreatening already? Just like he did with 3D (3DS anyone?) and online connectivity? He always seems to speak out of his ass at first and then reconsiders everything.

  3. Why Apple?
    Microsoft has Apple as an enemy too.
    And why are you peoples copying what the 360 Elite has?
    Seriously, a black Wii?
    Anyway…Apple does make phones, and you don’t…why is that?

    1. Oh yeah, the PS3 also copied the Elite because it’s black, right? Right.
      You said: “Apple does make phones, and you don’t” – I know that I don’t make phones.
      And who is “you” that your are talking about? “You” as in Nintendo?
      If so, then why the fuck should they make a phone? They are a video game company not a multimedia company like Sony.
      Go play some more XBAWKS, tool.

    2. lmfao, the BS people come up with these days, i guess nintendo copyed the ps3 disk slot to huh lol :D

    1. Because the iPad and iPhone can also be used as handheld gaming devices with a large back catalogue of games available for purchase.

  4. Heh, what the hell? I understand they may see the whole touch screen a bit of a threat to the DS or 3DS. But lets face it, Apple doesn’t have Pokemon, Super Mario, The Legend Of Zelda etc. Well known franchises that Nintendo own, seriously Nintendo, they post little to no threat.

  5. Well I don’t consider Apple a competitor to Nintendo cause for one they dont have any high profile games of my interest unless you say something like Street Fighter IV

    Poinus, it’s companies making games for Apple, they don’t have to anything with games to be a competitor.

  6. Hopefully Nintendo will learn that cartridges are not the tools of development :). Games need more space to become better at least in graphics. I love my NDS and I can’t get enough of it, but let’s face it cartridges are a step backward :). Why won’t Nintendo at least create a game for their classic games such as Mario and Zelda series In addition to the Gameboy games. In that case Nintendo will be the monster every other company is afraid of !!

    I’m a Mac fan boy :D, but I don’t believe Apple are the best at mobile phones. I mean iPods went great with them but the iPhone? They are competing with (HTC+Google) who are an awesome couple <3, how about the other mobile phones companies?! In addition most of the games are made by 3rd party companies, so it's possible to see them on other Phones OS which leads us to that if there's a war between NDS and the iPhone then we most correct it to NDS Vs Mobile Phones. Of course "IF THERE'S A WAR" !!

  7. I honestly believe that nintendo may be right to step up it’s game, being in the Pc age, I think less and less people will want to be ‘gamers’. What they need to do is appeal to more of the teens, and less of the kids.

  8. Cartridges are perfect for development, they arent like CD’s so they dont need to be spun wasting battery life and they take up less room. Also as SD cards can handle up to 32GB (64GB-1TB soon), which is more than a DVD I don’t see why Nintendo can’t also take this approach. Cartridges are perfect!!

  9. ???? WTF??? How can Apple be a threat to Nintendo? Their two completly different companies. It’s been mentioned above that N have mario etc…. Apple make personal computers/media solutions, not consoles, it’s completly different. Plus Nintendo have their own area of the market than Sony, XBox and Apple because they make total different hardware/software.

  10. Carrying around a pocket full of cartridges in addition to an already fairly bulky (compared to many cell phones and iPods) portable device just for playing games is no longer an attractive proposition, even to many hardcore gamers.

    This war was declared in my mind back when the DSi was announced and I decided to wait for that rather than buy a new iPod Classic, though I ironically never ended up buying either since I figured the 3DS was on its way in a year or two.

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