Nintendo DS: Pokémon Black & White Starter Characters Revealed

As promised Pokémon Sunday have teased Pokémon fans by unveiling three black silhouettes of the starter charters for the highly anticipated Pokémon Black & White.



  1. it is real, these are from pokemon sunday. i wonder which one is which type…..

  2. im almost certain its grass fire water since every region starter has been revealed that way

  3. ugh… and I actually thought they would decide to do something different with the starter pokemon… i am sick of the fire, water, leaf pokemon cycle of starters… that is why I loved yellow so much!

  4. from left to right:
    grass- leaf like formation on the tail
    fire- pointy things in the head
    water- tail hands and most specially the feet

  5. I personally like the water, grass, and fire starters and would hate to see it changed. I am really excited for the new generation and the new games. :3

  6. the one on the right looks like it’s water. Middle and left could either be fire or grass respectively. On the one on the left it could be leaves on the tail or wierd looking fire lol

  7. I’m use to the regular fire, water, grass cycle–I would like if you had to answer a type of questionaire thing (like in the beginning of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 or Dragon Quest V on SNES) to determine your starting pokemon from a few generally starting level pokemon.

    …or better yet use the thumb print thing from the Dungeon Rescue series and just randomize starters. It would be something new as the beginning is generally expected.

  8. the info for the pokemon have already come out and you can see the full pic of the starters on serebii.

    they are from left to right

    a grass snake pokemon
    a fire pig pokemon
    a sea otter pokemon

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