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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Reiterates That 3DS Is Only A Temporary Name

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has reiterated to investors that the 3DS is only a temporary name for Nintendo’s forthcoming 3D handheld gaming device.

“I think the formal name [for the 3DS] will be made public in the not so distant future.”

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata



  1. They should rename it so people won’t think it’s an upgraded DS.

    I can’t wait till E3. :D I am so buying the 3DS or whatever they are going to call it. :)

  2. To be honest, I’m more excited to see if theres a trailer for the new Zelda Wii title & Pikmin 3. I’m still pretty happy with my little ol’ DS Lite. But, I guess it’s becoming time to move on.

  3. I like the name 3DS, but they really should rename it. Like Flint$ said, it just seems too much like a DS upgrade, and not what it really is: it’s successor.

  4. Lol @ the trolls. xD

    But I think 3DS is cool. I can’t think of anything else in can be called! :S
    It has double screens, DS, and is 3D! 3DS! Perfect for me. :3

  5. it will be called…. the: xXNiNtEnDoSupaLeeT_KillACapAcOpXx_portable_fraggin_system_2.09786

  6. Eu só sei que qualquer evolução já é de bom tamanho, principalmente na linha DS. E todos vocês são gays…

  7. like Flint$ said, they should rename it to something that doesn’t make people think it’s a upgrade

  8. For me, along with a trailer for new pikmin or Zelda wii, THIS will be an awesome e3. I wouldn’t mind if the new pikmin was on the 3ds actually. Might be kinda cool. Pikmin on the go!

  9. They should call it “The Super Awesome Mega Expensive Virtual Reality Console That Everyone Will Buy Because It’s Made By Nintendo. Even Though It Will Probably Be A Huge Technical Failure.”

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