Nintendo Wii: Wii Vitality Sensor And Games To Be Revealed May 17th?

Nintendo could show off the Wii Vitality Sensor before E3 after the company announced it was holding a press event with the American Heart Association on May 17th.

“Everyone under pressure in our stressful society could use this to help us relax in a videogame. Videogames could be made for people to unwind or even fall asleep.”

– Satoru Iwata speaking at last year’s E3 event



    1. Me either. I’ve been so confused about this peripheral since they announced it @_@

  1. Where are you guys going with this? What happened to the days when Nintendo were getting excited to announce their games & not these accessories, which most of them you forget about. Wii Speak, Wii Motion Plus even the Wii Balance Board to an extent. You have built these things, made a feature game and then forgot about them.

  2. what you they would do with this sensor?

    I was thinking, they are doing thing to keep people healthy. so what if
    the do a game that keep monitoring your vitality and use as your health in the game,
    if you are tire the sensor will decrease, if you are too tired the game would tell you.
    “You are too tired, you need to rest at least 2 hours”. by that you will know if you need to leave the game.

    not just that, the game can go locked until you take a rest.

    other games can do a medic report to you, and that report would be to close to reality.

    there are a lot of ideas that comes to my mind with this sensor.

    as Flash Developer i hope to be able to do games with this.

    1. ok some of that sounds good. however, if the game locked itself when I was “too tired” i think i’d smash my tv in anger

  3. It looks like a medical device called a pulse oximeter which measures heart rate and oxygenation. They are a couple hundred bucks to buy but not sure what the gaming application is. The Heart Association might be impressed.

  4. That looks really annoying. Who wants to hold that in their hand while playing? especially when certain games requires that you use the wiimote and nunchuku( sorry can’t spell rite now). I hope they wasn’t serious about people using that for the new Zelda game :|

  5. A pulse ox? Really what could this possibly be used for in any game? The Only application I could see for this is in a fitness or workout game… Maybe to estimate calories burned.. Either way useless to me. I wish they would put more time and effort into good games instead of useless accesories.

    1. I wouldn’t really call it complaining. We are just confused how it’s going to be implemented in games. I can see Nintendo putting some good software that makes perfect use for it, but beyond a few titles, I’m not sure I’m seeing it’s long term usefulness in any software. I would have to think good titles for it would be few and far between. When it will be used, it’s most likely going to be used for health related “mini-games.” For gamers, there is not much to be excited for because the Vitality Sensor is mainly an expansion of the Wii as “tool” for daily living, much like Wii Fit, than it is an expansion for the Wii as a gaming platform. Maybe I’ll get curious and purchase one and a game to go along with it, but beyond that, it will mostly be forgotten.

  6. Has anyone played Eternal Darkness for Nintendo GameCube? That is a good example of the Vitality Sensor use. The more stresses you are, the more your insanity meter – and game difficulty – goes up.

    1. That would be a good use for it. I remember a similar example being used for the new Zelda–note they didn’t say it would used for it (having to buy and use an extra peripheral for a game is enough), but they used the game as an example.

      …however, I tend to get more frustrated, excited, disappointed, and upset at games than nervous or afraid.

    2. I’d hate to trying to play games like that using a play a with the Wiimote, vitality sensor, and possibly a nunchuk at all once. I guess horror point and click adventures could possibly work though.

      1. I’m sure Nintendo will show us–and provide a manual on how you can play using all three. You know, just to show that it can be done with minimum effort.

        I’m interested in what games exactly will use this. The titles and actual use of the Vitality Sensor will determine if it is worth buying eventually or if it would be better to wait until something worth getting comes out. I’d picture another Trauma Center would be one of the more fitting titles for this thing.

  7. Nintendo may pull out something interesting with this device so imma keep my eyes peeled on this one

  8. It’s nice to see Nintendo create new peripherals for their faithful Wii fan base, however, its only a matter of time before Sony and Microsoft try to copy this.

    1. Maybe Sony will come out with the “Sony Move Me”–a full body motion suit–so you can look ridiculous and have fun at the same time.

      …it would be original, but incredibly stupid.

  9. I could give less of a crap. It can measure how much energy you wasted swinging the wiimote in Twilight Princess.

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