Nintendo DS: New Pokémon Black & White Screen Shots Surface

Finally we’ve been granted some official screen shots of the highly awaited Pokémon Black & White in action.

The new screens show off the recently revealed starter Pokémon during their battles scenes and also showcases Zoroark’s much talked about Illusion ability, which enables him to appear as other legendary Pokémon such as Entei and Raikou.



  1. Looks like the whole map is 3D! You can twist ‘n turn any way you like :D The “grinds” are no mre ;C Let’s hope that I’m wrong

  2. Why don’t they make the sprites 3D? Like in Colloseum etc. ?? You see the first screenshot? Raikou is only pixels…

  3. In some ways I am really looking forward to this, but after a decade of pokemon I have started to get bored by the lack of real innovation :(

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