Nintendo DS: New Pokémon Black & White Details Revealed

New information has surfaced regarding the attacks and abilities of the newly revealed Pokémon Black & White starters.

CoroCoro magazine has officially announced the Japanese naming of the three new starter Pokémon as Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru.

Tsutaja (Grass Starter) and it is a Grass Snake, Pokabu (Fire Starter) is a Fire Pig Pokémon while Mijumaru (Warer Starter) is a Sea Otter.

CoroCoro magazine has also revealed that there are two new attacks for the Pokémon, the first being Trickery which allows the attack to be calculated using the opponent’s stats, and secondly there’s Claw Sharpen which raises the user’s Attack and Accuracy stats. Plus it’s also been revealed that Zoroark will have an illusion ability that will enable it to transform into other Pokémon.


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  1. lol why?

    cant wait for the game but i dnt like the water one i always choose a water type but this time i dnt thnk so

  2. Man I don’t even wanna hear it, I have renewed faith in this series thanks to HG/SS and I know I am getting the water starter, because he’s cute as hell.

  3. Mijumaru is not the prettiest of the bunch. I like the others though. My only hope for Black and White is to finally see animated Pokémon in battles. (And maybe a different storyline and a more lively world like the tv-series with Pokémon flying over and climbing trees and different ways to raise the level of your Pokémon like mini-games or solving problems as in Pokémon Ranger and and and…)

    1. Seconded 100% on the “lively world”. It has always seemed that you and your rival were the only ones actually doing gym challenges and training your pokemon. Even if you come across other trainers who say they have a badge they’re not on the record statue…making them liars.

      …and the other trainers you chew up raise their pokemon so slow it’s into even funny. Actually it is. I LOVE the game series (and still watch the cartoon on Saturdays), but the world is something that should’ve been improved years ago. Include something to make you want to play afterwards–since the “catch ’em all” thing is mainly something for completists and not even that important.

  4. what they need is a game that starts in kanto with pikachu and goes to all the other regions and the new fire starter is asome ″cough″charmander best ″cough″

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