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Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Will Deliver ‘Console-Level Quality’

JC Connors, the studio head at Griptonite Games firmly believes that the Nintendo 3DS is of ‘console-level quality’ and see’s the platform as “an opportunity to bring something special back to the gamers”.

“You know, a lot of the casual games that really bombarded the DS marketplace have now moved onto other platforms like the iPhone, so I think everyone looks at this as an opportunity to kind of bring something special back to the gamers.”

“Everyone looked at the 3DS with just how powerful it was, and the new features, the analog stick and the 3D, as an opportunity to bring almost console-level quality games to this handheld because they could, on the DS, you really couldn’t.”

“You almost have to treat it like a console, because many of the things it can do are things that consoles can do. So, you know, why not bring a more ‘gamer’ experience to that platform, if it can do really well with it?”

– JC Connors, Griptonite Games



  1. When I first saw the Kid Icarus commercial, I assumed it was for the Wii at first. I was actually shocked when I found out later that it was for the 3DS!!!

  2. I’m surprised they keep failing to mention the motion sensor the 3DS has. Maybe Ninty put a ban on companies talking about it.

    1. :O i didnt even know about that, thanks man :D, the 3DS is going to hit the market sky high. Sony is going to lose out in axkot of consumers, same for microsoft. I’ve always loved nintendo ever since the first mario game, to me mario is my hero :D

    1. There could be a Pikmin game where you use the camera to set the stage. You could go to your backyard and have the grass or the dirt as the level. That would be awesome…

  3. 3ds is going to rock. When i first heard the rumors of how incredible the graphics were going to be i thought the site was lying. Watching that Kid Icarus trailer made my jaw drop. I can’t wait to see what direction it goes.

    1. Mingle? Nintendo Created the hardcore community they just had to make up some money the banked on the GC to get but didn’t thus creating the Wii effect or casual crowd.. It worked well for them because they kept prices low and made everything accessible to people who wouldn’t have looked at a video game let alone an entire console. (Take the simple make it cheap and accessible viola instant money maker.)

  4. First off, Ninty’s bringing the hardcore scene back. They realized that it’s their biggest market, and all these insignificant groups of casual gamers don’t add up to the revenue they get from the hardcore gamer group. This is why we’re seeing all the epic games. Kid Icarus, OoT 3D, GoldenEye.

    Secondly, I’m still wondering why out of all the games announced, we only got one video for a 3DS game. All of the screenshots looked convincingly complete. The games didn’t appear to be lacking in anything to keep them from making a simple trailer. This, seems off to me.

  5. Jesus Christ. Nintendo will dominate the next gen just like this gen. I hope the next home console is even more amazing. I also hope it’s backwards compatible with Wii and Gamecube. 3DS MUST be able to be backwards compatible with REGULAR DS games, right?

  6. Oh, just imagine if they were to port a condensed version of Brawl over to the 3DS. Not, THAT would be all the rage! That is, of course, if they find a way to increase the efficiency of the online portion, so that it would be playable online by those who don’t have super-awesome internet connections. I’ve never been able to play Brawl online because of all the lag. I can get my timing right for any of my moves because it’s just too unpredictable. I’m lucky to get ONE accidental kill in a match.

  7. This coming from a developer that mostly creates movie-based license shovelware for handhelds.
    That said, this doesn’t bring anything new to the table… We all know the 3DS is a piece of hardware to be reckoned with.

  8. Well, I have to say that the NINTENDO 3DS look’s very promising for a handheld! ^-^
    I hope to get this console in either PINK (but most likely, I’m waiting for a PURPLE version to come out.)
    I’m a huge fan of the colour purple, plus it is my favourite colour!!!
    o^O^o -HURRAYYY!!!!

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