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Nintendo 3DS: Ubisoft Planning To Launch 6-8 3DS Launch Titles

Universally renowned gaming publisher and developer Ubisoft are  looking to corner 25 to 30 percent of the 3DS market by launching between six to eight titles for the Nintendo 3DS at launch.

So far Ubisoft have revealed Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Driver, Battle of Giants and a puzzle-based mystery game titled ‘Hollywood 61’ for the Nintendo 3DS at launch.



  1. Awesome! I’m most excited for Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell, especially since the 3ds will be able to make them awesome

      1. Nintendo have already confirmed Paper Mario, and it looks pretty good too. And I’m pretty certain Paper Mario has never been 2D.

      2. Super Paper Mario was 2D, but it had the 3D flip thing, so you’re right.

      3. @anonymous: Hey no need to insult. Besides, your point doesn’t make any sense since Nintendo showed how depth perception can be used in NES games at E3 :P

        @Jared: The reason why Paper Mario and Ocarina of Time wasn’t mentioned in this article was because it was talking about Ubisoft’s software line up specifically :)

  2. In order for Nintendo to combat the shovelware situation that is out of control on the Wii/DS, they need to ban Ubisoft from making games. They suck. And no amount of Red Steel 2 will repair the damages they have caused with their other games.

    1. I actually enjoyed Red Steel 1 and 2, although I agree that their Babyz and Petz series will need to go. Hell anything ending in a z will do. So far though it looks like Ubisoft is planing to move more of their core games to the 3DS with the Tom Clancy games and Assasins Creed (hope its better then the crap they produced for the original DS and iPhone)

  3. Paper Mario 3DS. fourth game in the Paper Mario series, and the eighth Mario RPG. From the screenshots, we can tell that this game is going back to the 1st and 2nd style. A turn-based battle system (rather than the action-RPG game Super Paper Mario presented).

  4. Yeah no. I can do without Ubisoft’s shovelware. I didn’t like the poor franchise-milking they gave the DS, I’m not gonna like it more on the 3DS.

  5. Ubisoft…. just put Splintercell on the 3DS and LEAVE. Everyone is sick of the trash you have been throwing to Nintendo. I looked at the Ghost Recon for 3DS and its terrible, so just leave.

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