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Nintendo: Shigeru Miyamoto Talks About Key Nintendo Issues

Shigeru Miyamoto recently sat down with German gaming publication Speigel to discuss his thoughts on a number of key Nintendo issues.

Nintendo has been criticised for reusing previous characters like Mario and Link in upcoming games, but Miyamoto feels that the use of Miis and franchises like Pikmin proove that Nintendo are capable of doing things other than “Marios and Zeldas”.

Miyamoto feels Mario is like “working with a blank canvas” – we don’t know what he likes to eat, or his favourite colour. He feels that new games can be made with Mario very easily because he isn’t tied to a particular role or image.

He was asked how he felt his creations being handled and developed by others: “It’s a bit like when your children are leaving your house one day. But I know where they are moving in and believe me when I say: I’m having a close look on what they’re doing. They know I’m always there for consultancy.”

Miyamoto feels that the use of 3D in the 3DS can be used in a more meaningful way than a “visual gimmick”. For example in a 3D platformer like Mario, some players might have trouble jumping on platforms. In a 3D picture, with depth perception, it might be a lot easier.

Vitality Sensor is still in development, but E3 wasn’t the right place to show it.

– Translated extract of Shigeru Miyamoto speaking to Spiegel



  1. Whoever has been talking to Miyamoto about this “issue” they are justing hating and probably jealous. Nintendo wouldn’t be what it is w/out Mario and Link including the rest of it’s popular characters. Besides he’s giving gamers and Nintendo fans what they want, what’s the crime in that? Keep doing your thing Miyamoto!

  2. Although, It’s quite easy to imagine what mario likes to eat, or his favorite color.

  3. Easy His Favorite color is Red and I assume He Eats Lots of Spagetti With his Bro Luigi :P

    lots of Spagetti :D

  4. Stereotypes, Sam, stereotypes!! =D What makes the world go ’round. All we know is that he’s an Italian plumber. He could like the colour Magenta, a nice hamburger, and hate his brother all at the same time.

  5. The vitality sensor is still in development? It seems like something they’ll make for the next home console, preferably wireless.

  6. Now, now, everyone. Nobody said anything bad about the Mario and Zelda franchises. People just want to see some new blood feature in Nintendo’s titles. And no, a palette swap of Peach who just sits around (wait, that’s exactly like Peach) doesn’t count.

  7. Mario doesn’t have time to have a favourite colour or food, because he is too busy with his sole leisure activity, “rescuing” Princess Peach from Bowser. This happens so constantly that personally I suspect that the whole thing is a rather perverse sexual role play between the three of them. A lot of the dialogue in the Mario games becomes more interesting on this hypothesis.

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