Nintendo Wii: THQ Working On An “Very, Very Innovative” Game For Wii

Games developer THQ have announced that they’re working on a “very, very, innovative” game for the Nintendo Wii.

“There’s something else that we’re going to reveal later on in the year that wasn’t at E3, which is just very, very innovative,” he said. “There are very few people who know about it at the moment. It’s not another Kinect thing – it’s to do with the Wii.People are talking about Kinect and Move at the moment, understandably – but if we’d have had this at E3, people would have been talking about this as a significant step forward for the Wii as well. Maybe we’ll show it at Gamescom.”

–  Ian Curran, THQ



  1. Mmm… Too much doubt, too much pressure… What is it?
    Maybe a great game with awesome graphics or something that will destroy Microsoft and Sony =)

    1. Totally agree with Jared.

      IT’S THQ. They have occasional good games.

      And BTW @ author, there is NO mention of it being a GAME, he said it’s to DO with the Wii not on the Wii so my guess is it’s a peripheral. Probably a Kinect camera like rip-off.

  2. Maybe a headset with headtracking, dodge the bullets. Look around corners. Enhance the feeling of depth. All the things that Nintendo could have done with there next Metroid or any game the last 2 years, maybe.. maybe not.

    1. You wouldn´t turn it, you would strafe to the side and back. It would be like an input for strafe, but also change the viewing angle, follow the X and Y but lock the Z(in a far distans). Or something like that :)

  3. Guys, THQ is a spin-off company of LJN. You know. The company that made all shitty games on NES.

  4. wow did that guy come up with that head set thing-o that would be very cool but i dont think it will have a camera and if thq are making it it wont be hard ware for the wii because then netendo would be making it it will no doubt be a game but it sould be a very amazing and if at E3 people would be talking about this not kenect the it is now way a rip of of it but still very very very exciting no matter what it is

  5. Could be som socks, with a pocket for the motion+. So you could kick the ball in fotboll (is this site american, in that case soccer) games ;)

  6. Here I thought I’d be doing the wake up call about THQ but Jared beat me to it.

    Expect nothing of interest, THQ mostly publishes license shovelware and the occasional good game. I did say “publish”.

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