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Nintendo 3DS: UK Online Retailer Lists Possible 3DS Pricing At £199.99

Play.com a popular online retailer in the United Kingdom have seen fit to price the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS for £199.99.

Whilst this could simply be a place-holder price tag it seems likely that the machine will retail for around this price when it launches in the United Kingdom at the end of this year or early next year.



  1. But that makes it less than US$ 199 – I mean, less than the DSi?

    If Nintendo pulls this off the 3DS will dominate the handheld market so much it’s not even funny.

    1. You got that backwards. £1 is equal to about US$1.57, so that puts the 3DS price around US$313.12 if this UK pricing is accurate.

  2. Nintendo’s usually way more reasonable with their prices than with other Gaming companies that create hardware, so I think they’ll most likely follow suit with this system. And I know this is an actual 3D rendered system, which already makes it quite powerful in comparison but, it’s still a handheld. So idk.

  3. but…according to the currency converter, it’s more than the Wii costs o_O
    oh well, still buying.

  4. That puts it over $300US….Not sure I’m willing to go over $300. That’s more than the Wii was at launch as well as the PSP Go. I know the 3DS is gonna be a pretty powerful piece of hardware but it’s still a hand held. Families will be buying more than one in most situations and I’m not sure I’ll be able to justify that price tag.

    1. I’ll still want to get it if the U.S. price is around $300, but I may not put as high a priority on it as would if it was cheaper. There is no way I’m going to be able to afford it right away at this price :/

  5. I’m still buying it, no matter the price. Just as long it’s reasonable for me to purchase some games with it

  6. thats over $300 US dollars thats even more than the wii when it first launched hopefully it’ll be 200 us dollars in the US cuz is in 3d we all know that and awesome graphics but since nintendo want their products to sell they’ll probably sell it for $199.99 in the US *crossing fingers*

  7. I really hope that it’s not $300, but based on everything that it can do right now, and the potential it has to do much more, I would say the price will indeed be $299.99.

  8. 300 is way too much. Its a handheld where only one player can play at a time. You can get a wii and some games for the same price. Plus it is not as big as the DSIXL so it should not be as much regardless of new hardware. The wii was all new hardware nad i wasn’t that much. If it comes out and its 300 hopefully no one will buy it and the price will go down. 300 or anything above 200 is just rediculous

  9. Hey if I remember to preorder it and take the time to pay before it’s released, I’ll pay 300. But I can’t do that up front there’s just no way I’ll be having that. Parents beware, you’ll have some dissapointed kids this Christmas with a tag like that.

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