Nintendo Wii: Metroid: Other M Is The “Perfect Metroid Experience”

The co-creator of the Metroid franchise, Yoshio Sakamoto, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the highly anticipated Metroid: Other M will provide fans with the ultimate Metroid experience.

When Sakamoto was asked to describe the perfect Metroid experience and this is what he had to say:

“It is to fully understand, feel empathy and fight together with Samus Aran. In other words, it is to play Metroid: Other M. I hope you will enjoy playing Metroid: Other M for a perfect Metroid experience.”

“What we asked Team Ninja to do was to properly understand Samus and Metroid and to fully utilise their experience in developing great games. The Prime series, which was developed by Retro Studios, is also a great series, but I was not involved there as the series was developed by other creators who have different perspectives.”

– Yoshio Sakamoto



  1. What I like most about this game (from what I’ve seen ofcourse) is the fact that it encompasses gameplay from the Prime series as well as the original. I’ve known about Metroid since the SNES days when I was a child as my father played it, but I never really had interest in playing Super Metroid. The first time I got into the series was with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and that made me a fan, well atleast a fan of the FPS side of things. I still have yet to get into the original side scrolling Metroids. and I feel Metroid: Other M is going to be a perfect transition for me.

  2. Since when does giving a personality to a character that did well for decades make for a supposedly perfect experience?

    We’ll see about that. No opinion I’m playing the game.

  3. Judging from over 15 min of awesome footage, I can tell Samus’s new personality AND her past, makes this story very emotional and violent at the same time. She and Adam had some mission in the past, and well, it left her with an “uneasy soul” as she said in some of the footage. It will be exciting as we get more of the story… And I think something similiar happens in this story. This game is really going to be the ultimate experience.

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