Nintendo Wii: Activision Says “Nintendo Extremely Helpful With GoldenEye 007 Development”

Activison’s associate producer James Lodato has told online gaming publication Gamerzines that Nintendo’s collaboration with Activision on GoldenEye 007 has been “extremely helpful”.

“Everyones a hard sell because quality is number one for this title. Nintendo has been extremely helpful; it’s a title they are very fond of. They’ve worked on site, given us first party feedback and hardware and accessibility and really made themselves available to the project. I’m certain they’re very excited about it as well.”

– James Lodato, Activison



  1. I have never played Golden Eye on the n64, and all the purists are saying this game is crappy because its not like Golden Eye. Who should I trust?

    1. Naturally, those people you like to call purists.
      GoldenEye 007 on N64 wasn’t good because it was a James Bond film, far from it. It wasn’t good because Nintendo published it, no.

      It was good because Rare made it. Perfect Dark had the same success. However since the defection of key team members, Rare has been rather shoddy. Take a look at Perfect Dark Zero or most other James Bond games. They all suck. This will be no exception, simply because the gameplay is completely different.

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